Sunday Funday!

The Farmer and I had Bible Study this afternoon, so The Farmer's sister and her hubby came over to watch Merritt for us. They have a new baby, sweet little 3 month old, Lydia, who he had fun "playing" with! At one point they were both in diapers and I couldn't resist snapping these pics, Merritt just laid there beside her until it was time for supper. I hope he is that nice to his little brother!! :)

"Hi Wydia"

Silly boy!  And that is The Farmer's foot, not mine!!!  :)

sweet cousins!

Then before bedtime, we tried the potty one more time and guess what?!?! He went again!! Woohoo!! What a big boy! And of course he got a prize, he picked the Lightning McQueen car to go in his truck!

soo excited!!

umm how cute is this little car!! I think they might be like the old Micro they still make those? Can't wait for him to fill his whole truck up with cars and for him to be diaper free...trying not to get my hopes up, but it is exciting! :)


Potty Time!!

I know I told yall we were going to try to get Merritt potty trained before the baby was born, but I gave up on that months ago. He showed ZERO interest in it and was terrified of the big potty and could care less about his little potty. Cut to today...he was making his usual "I am pooping" face, The Farmer asked him if he wanted to go sit on the potty. The answer to that question is usually a resounding NOOOO!!! But today he said yes!! The Farmer got his potty out and put him on it, I told him if he teetee'd or pooped he would get a very fun prize!! He sat there a bit and played with the fun flush handle, we thought he was just being silly and there was no way he was really gonna do this, then all of a sudden the potty started singing that he did it!! And the potty was right!! He teetee'd and we had a potty party!! He was so proud of himself and was super excited about the Mac truck prize he got!! Not sure if this is the real deal, but we will continue to encourage and see where it goes! Stay tuned :)

I got his prize jar all ready and put it in the bathroom! The little cars fit in the Mac truck he got today...he kept asking for cars to put in it, so maybe he will earn one when he wakes up from his nap!

The little balls are Toy Story and Cars Squinkies! I have no clue what you are supposed to do with them, but they are tiny little gummy like figures, just right for a potty prize!

playing with his Mac truck!

Found it at Dirt Cheap when I was home, all their toys were 90% off, so I grabbed it up along with some Squinkies and the little cars that go with the truck...I knew they would be perfect for potty training! So far so good :)

Baby's Blankie!

It came in today and it is so fabulous!! Merritt, of course, thought it was his! They do look similar, but McCoy's has blue minky instead of brown and has a different trim. Merritt is soo obsessed with his blankie, especially since wubby got retired, glad to finally have McCoys! Makes things a little more real ;)

so sweet! hope he likes his brother as much as he likes his brother's blankie!

looks so good in his room!

this is Merritt's blankie, of course it is not hanging up nice and pretty anymore! It is well loved :)


Windy Wednesday!

Although it is a little warmer today, it is CRAZY windy, I think Merritt would fly away if we went outside! Which of course means more crafts! My Momma sent him some fun little foam crafts, so today we picked the zebra and lion one to do! He loved it! Please ignore my November calendar in the background, maybe I will get it updated by next November!! ;)

We also did some Easter Do-a-Dots and hung them on the fridge!

I love craft time, but am SOOO looking forward to nice warm weather to play outside in!!

Mom Moment #237

And just when I think we have the big boy bed down pat, I walk in to this during nap!! Our diaper pail is on the fritz, so I hadn't moved it into his room yet and was just putting teetee diapers in his trash can and taking poop diapers outside...too bad I didn't have the forethought to assume he would want to play with the trashcan in his bed! EWWW!

wouldn't you know the little boy that wont smile for ANYTHING, proudly cheeses in his diaper bed!!

then the sad face comes on when Mommy fusses!

but Mommy it's just diapers?!?!  Ughhh, what am I gonna do with two dirty little boys????!!! 

McCoy's Nursery!!

Ok! The moment you've all been waiting for...hehe!! His baby blanket still hasn't arrived, but it will look very similar to the baby blue cowboy print one hanging on the quilt rack, but with his name embroidered on it and red satin trim! 

I thought I should include a link to Merritt's nursery too!
It does look very similar to his, but with a few new touches :)

I have been wanting to do this Raggedy Man print for awhile, it turned out adorable and looks great in his nursery! This is the poem that my Daddy read to us as kids, and his Momma read to him, and now he reads it to Merritt when we are home in Mississippi! I got it on video when Merritt was little...

need to bring the mattress back up!  His hospital/birth announcement wreath will go on the right side of the window!

need to get those bins, on the second shelf,  filled with tiny diapers! Merritt loves to look through the bin of baby toys on the left side of the changing table....he says "for Coy?"  :)

I still have to put the floating bookshelves up on the right side of the chair (above the bin filled with burp cloths)
Like the pics here

I love sitting in the rocker and looking around the room, just like I did before Merritt was born! Can't wait to be rocking my sweet little McCoy! :)


Nursery News!

Still not ready to give you a complete tour, but I had to share my latest project! I have been trying to figure out how to use this old window that was in Merritt's nursery ( All the stuff on it got moved to his big boy room shelf, so I didn't know how to use it for McCoy's nursery. Then I came across this pin on Pinterest ( and thought it would be so cute in one of my little cowboy's rooms! The only problem was I didn't want to buy a bunch of frames AND have to hang them all up evenly!! Then today the light bulb went off and I thought of this!!

I just designed the prints, printed them, and Mod Podged them on the glass! 

It doesn't look perfect, but I love how it turned out!! Now I just have to get it hung up!

I fixed the Vinyl decal too! It turned out so cute and I like it even better than just being put straight on the wall!

and now it is stuck and wont come peeling down! :)