Top of the Mornin!!

We had MOPS this morning, so of course he had to wear a cute St. Pats outfit! As usual, he was not interested in taking pics...but his new fave Sheriff Callie was on (it's the new preschool western/cowboy cartoon on Disney Jr, super cute!!), so I guess my expectations should have been pretty low! :)

No, we don't normally have suckers after breakfast, but when Mommy is running around crazy trying to get ready and he doesn't want to get dressed, anything is possible!! :)

I asked him where his sucker was, to at least get it out of his mouth for one pic, and this is what I got!! ha!
He is saying "hee it is!"

Mommy, you are blocking my view!

he actually had this shirt last year and it still fits! Yea! Love wearing holiday stuff for more than one year! Not the same orange pants though :)

Can you believe how much he has changed?!?! He looks like such a big boy now!! Makes me excited to see what McCoy will look like!

He did soo good in MOPPETS (the daycare for the kids when the moms are in our meeting) he always has a huge melt down when I drop him off, but when I go get him, he couldn't be happier! Today he was playing Ring Around the Rosie with all the little kids when I walked in to get him, so fun to see him interacting and making friends! I really love our MOPS group, even though some weeks I think I would rather just stay in my comfy clothes and color with Merritt, I always have such a great time when we go! At the first of the year, we each got a Secret Sister to surprise with goodies each meeting, so that is super fun too!! Today I got Diet Dr. Pepper and all sorts of candy!! Yummy! Hope yall are having a great week! :)

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