Sewing Sunday

I got the sewing bug after church and got a few things on my to-do list done!

Finished Merritt's Big Brother Bag for the hospital! I have had this fabric forever and was excited to use it on this project!

I went through my bin that I put anything I find on clearance or at Dirt Cheap in (my rainy day bin!) and filled his bag! A few play packs, some stickers, a book to put stickers in, a water bottle, some cars, a bag of candy, and the movie Brother Bear make his special bag complete! Now he will have a little surprise when he comes to meet McCoy!

I also finished up these summer shirts! Love how these beachy ones turned out!

these on the other hand, did not turn out as good! Merritt's (on the left) got bumped in the hoop and I couldn't get it back on track, so it's a little off and I couldn't put his name on it since it was messed up, so I just made McCoy's without his name too...oh well!

I still have their 4th of July shirts, brother shirts, beach towels (cute seahorse ones!), a few more summer outfits for Merritt, and his Easter stuff to make!! Yikes, I better get sewing! :)


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