Recent pics!!

Changing Holiday Letter!

A friend of mine has this wreath ( I love the idea of just changing it out for holidays, but I wanted something different than a wreath. Since I am obsessed with the letter "M" I thought it would be a fun alternative! It turned out pretty cute! The whole project costs about $10. Got the "M" from Hobby Lobby and painted it red, then found all the little wooden (pre-painted) pieces at Hobby Lobby too, put magnets on the back of them and put a magnet on the "M" and I was in business!! I still need to find a couple fall themed pieces, but other than that its good to go :) I hung it on the wall in my dinning room and can't wait to change the magnet when the season changes :)

Happy Summer :)


Farm in a bag!!

I have been wanting to do this Farm in a Bag project (store farm toys in the bag, then it opens into a circle farm scene to play on) so I decided to whip it up this evening!!

Here's the details:

-Cut two circles, however big you would like (I used the cupcake tree base from my wedding as a template!!) Both fabrics used here are John Deere.

-Sew those two circles together with the right sides facing, leaving a hole to turn it inside out.

-Turn it inside out :) 

-Put two grommets in (one on each side) just through the outer later

-Get The Farmer to actually put the grommets in :)

-Sew a channel all the way around for the draw string to go through.
-Realize you can't sew in a circle, then draw lines with a fabric pencil showing where you need to sew

-Sew along those lines

-Put the string through the grommets and the channel and pull!!

-Play with baby's John Deere toys just to make sure it works!

Soo, while I love this project, I should have stuck with this version ( that I found on Pintrest! I wanted it to be a drawstring so he could carry it like a bag and not have to tie it in a loop around the bag. Well..I'm guessing the reason she does it with the tag loops is for easy open and farm in a bag above does not open easily or lay flat since I can't get the drawstring to let out all the tension. My guess would be that Merritt will throw a fit by the time I actually get this mat on the floor and ready to play!! In conclusion, I will be going back to the fabric store tomorrow and trying again!! Instead, I will just put all his duplo farm legos in this bag and maybe try to find some thinner rope for it!!  :)


Photo bomb!!

Just some pics of our little man!! The Farmers birthday was today, pics to come :)

6 month check up!

He weighs 21 pounds and is 26 inches long! Wowzaa this babe is big :) He did so good for his checkup and shots he got some new toys. Spoiled? Maybe!!

Fun Door!!

I have been wanting to do something to this pocket door (that opens into my office/Merritt's playroom {notice all his Little People toys...maybe I'll give them a post of their own sometine soon!}) for awhile!! I finally got some magnetic and dry erase paints to make it more fun!!

Door Before...

It completely hides away and you can see into the living room if it's pushed in it's pocket.

first coat of magnetic paint..I used the WHOLE can!

Done, now it has to dry!

Then, I added a million coats of the dry erase paint (used that WHOLE can too) over top of the magnetic paint..

and colored on it, I had to make sure it would work  :)

here's the down low...the magnetism of the magnet paint isn't that great! I am currently waiting on a sample of some magnet letters ( from Etsy to see if they will "stick" to the door! They are super cool and safe...the magnet is sewn inside, so no chocking hazard... I might just get them/make them even if they don't work for this door! Now the dry erase pens work great on the door, however, they do not want to erase very easily once you write with them! I finally used a baby wipe and the ink came right off, so I suppose I will be using wipes instead of an eraser!! All in all, it is a super cool project (especially if I can find some magnet letters/shapes that will "stick" to it!!) I think if I would have done more thin coats of the magnet paint, it would have worked better. I was in a hurry as usual! Next time I will probably just buy a pig piece of metal and a big dry erase board and hang them on the wall :)