Saturday, January 24, 2015

This and That!

First of all...who else is watching the Bachelor??? I haven't watched it in ages, but this season the guy is a farmer from Iowa, so I just had to indulge!! I am also making my Farmer watch, he pretends to loathe it but I know he secretly lives for it!! hehe!! We always take note that the girls are constantly whining about how they never see him and never get any time with him....haha!! Do they have any idea what is going to happen if they actually marry this farmer!?! I feel like the show will be really good prep for her first harvest! They should for sure have a spin off to show how the city girl adapts to living on the farm! And what is with all the making out?!?! I really don't remember previous seasons that well, but I don't recall the constant kissing this early on!! Ewww!! :) The Farmer just can't get over that it was filmed in the fall and he left during harvest to be on the show!! I'm like, "ohh that girl's hair is soo cute!" and he's all, "but the guy left during harvest!!" ha!! 

Anywho!! I got a few more things done in the play room today and thought I would share! I still have to order fabric and make valances for the windows, but after that, I will do a room tour!! I am thinking of this cute farm counting fabric:
Barnyard Counting Scenes
don't you just love it?!?!

I got the Bygel rail, hooks, cookware, and cooking utensils at Ikea!! Sooo cute!!
The table came from Ikea too, but I got it ages ago!

New shape posters on the wall!!
Now that he has a little kitchen, we just keep his Play My Way set as a tool bench all the time, instead of switching it between tools and kitchen!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Game Day!

During McCoy's morning nap, Merritt and I decided to have a game day and try out all the new ones he got for Christmas and some others we already had! Soo much fun! We played Don't Break The Ice, Cootie, Dr. Seuss matching game, Disney matching game, a 3d farm matching game, and Candy Land! His fave was Dont Break The Ice, imagine that! A game where he gets to beat something with a hammer, what's not to like :)

Big boy Coy!!

Really y'all...why is he growing up so fast!??! Love this little monkey!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tracing fun!!

Today, we decided to try out the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center he got for was a huge hit!! I got them for $5 this summer at Tuesday Morning, but you can get them on Amazon here
I love that you can use any papers you want, as long as they are regular 8.5x11 size, so we tore out some pages of an old pre-school work book my Momma gave me and traced some shapes!! Very fun! What kid doesn't love dry erase markers?!?! There are also lots of downloadable sheets to use with this on Pinterest!! The options are endless!

tracing circles, a little squiggly but still circles!!

Good job buddy!! Oh my, I didn't realize how bad he needed a haircut!! :)

trying out some squares!

Little brother cheering him on, while wolfing down some puffs! :)

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