Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday!

The Easter Bunny left us yummy cottontails to have for breakfast along with lots of fun stuff in Merritt's Easter basket :)

Spud Bunny, lots of candy, some books, and an Easter Train!

This is soo cute! We love Mr. Potato Head!

Little People Easter Train!


Daddy came in from chores and it was time to check out his goodies!!

All Aboard!!


the books and stickers where in the back of his basket....The cookie cutters are for the playdoh :)

he got some more Cars Micro Drifters to put in his Mack truck and didn't even have to go on the potty to get them! Good thing, because he hasn't done that for a week..oh well :) These two came in cute Easter Egg packaging..should gotten a pic before he opened it!

all ready for church! The Farmer wanted to know where his Easter Basket was?!?! OOPPSS! He usually says not to get him anything, so this year I didn't!! Guess I better not forget his basket next year! #sadfarmer   hehe:)

love my boys!

35 weeks!!  :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sheldon Easter Egg Hunt!

This year we decided to try a different towns Easter Egg Hunt (last year), this one was outside, so I thought it might be a little less insane...wrong!! haha!!

ready to go!!

terrified of the Easter Bunny....this is why I didn't take him to the mall and pay $25 for him to not sit on his lap!

not having it!

thank goodness for The Farmer!

all the eggs! Not much of a hunt! ha!


not too sure about this?!?!

getting the hang of it! I may or may not have yelled for him to push!! hehe :)

got one!!

I thought the parents were supposed to stay behind the line, but nobody was following the rules, after a bit I went and helped him, should have just went with him right away but he did pretty good without us. It was just hard to find anything with the adults walking around too! Maybe Mamma should have done some pushing too! HA!

all over, he ended up with about 10 eggs, not bad :)

the eggs had candy in them, that we emptied out, then gave back, I thought he might freak out to have his eggs taken away, but he was more interested in the candy! Next we waited a few minutes for them to draw for the bikes, when we didn't win, we headed home! He had more luck last year, but this was a very fun time too! We are going to have his glow in the dark hunt tomorrow night, so he can have all the eggs he wants! Can't wait :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dyeing Eggs!!

I finally got the eggs boiled, so we could do some fun dyeing tonight after supper! Merritt loved throwing the eggs in the little cups...we had a few casualties, but for the most part he did great! Glad I picked up a cheapo table cloth that I just rolled up and threw away when we were done, much better than newspaper and way cuter!! :)

Mommy (you can barely read it!), Daddy, Merritt, and McCoy!!  :)

I couldn't resist adding this pic of me and The Farmer, on our first Easter together, before we were even engaged! I had come to visit him from Montana for the weekend and insisted we dye eggs!! He went along with it and has been indulging my "fun" ideas ever since! Love you Farmer :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Bakery!!

That's what my kitchen has been for the past month...a bakery!! Thought I should share some of the yummy Easter treats we have been baking up! :)

Peanutty Bunny Bars

Monster Cookie Bars (before baking!)

Easy Pillsbury Bunny Cookies

Carrot Cake Poke Cake

Easter Cake Batter Buddies (with my big helpers hand!)

Robin Egg Magic Bars

White Chocolate Easter M&M Bars

These are all super yummy, fairly easy recipes!! Baking will be so boring without all these fun Easter colors! :)

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