Monday, April 27, 2015

S'mores Kit!

We had another fire last night, and I thought I would snap some pics of the s'mores kit I put together! It's so perfect to just grab, head outside, and enjoy..and when we are done, just throw it all back in! Perfect!

Marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey bars, Reese's bars, chocolate covered graham cookies, wipes, and our roasting sticks!

I did lots of research, and finally settled on these roasting sticks (Amazon link) I wanted them to telescope, so they would fit in the basket and be easy to store! They work great!

Then my little Marshmallow Bandit wrecked my photoshoot! haha!

Oh, hi! :)

This kid lives for marshmallows!!

ready to roast!!

loving it!

This is one with the Reese's bar!! Soo yummy! A must try yall :)


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chasing Cows!

The other day some of our cows got out and The Farmer, his Daddy, and the neighbors were chasing them on four wheelers to get them back in their pen...we watched from the windows (I contemplated trying to help, but after a few seconds, decided that dragging along an 11 month old and trying to hold back a three year old probably wouldn't have been much help!!) Merritt has been re-enacting the scene ever since! Pretty cute! 


This and That!

Planting has begun, which of course means lots of watching from the windows for McCoy, lots of riding in the tractor for Merritt, lots of work for The Farmer, and lots of pulling hair out for Mommy! Hehe!! It's and exciting time, but stressful nonetheless!

 Hollywood was in the paper again! So proud of my farmer! :)

Our church "ARC Angles" had gotten a present for McCoy when he was sick, so The Farmer's Momma brought it over, along with a prize for Merritt! Thanks Angels and Grandma! Both were a huge hit!

For some reason Merritt calls ketchup, "stage coach." It is pretty funny! We tried to get it on video but then mid-recording he started saying it right!

My silly boys!! Merritt woke up this morning holding his hands together saying he had a baby bird and we needed to take it to the doctor, which of course was in the bathtub! ha!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Super Hero!

Merritt saw the Super Buddies icon on Netflix and begged to watch it! Now he is "Super Hero Merritt," I am "Super Hero Girl," and McCoy is "Super Hero Too!"

Hoping we find a new favorite movie soon...being "Super Hero Girl" is hard work! :)

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