Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter Learning!

Along with colors and potty training, we are trying to learn our ABC's!! I found these cute gummy letters and thought it would be neat to teach him his name with them! He thought this was very fun and can say the letters in his name with a little help! He is also getting the hang of the Alphabet song! So fun to see him learning and catching on to new things!! :)

I got two bags, and neither had an R!! So we made them out of B's!!

he didn't like they way they tasted, which is probably good considering all the candy he eats when we practice our colors!!


Potty Bootcamp!!

The time has come, I can no longer stand it, this child has got to be potty trained!! I have read numerous variations of 1 to 3 days potty training and have combined the ideas I liked to try and make it work for us!

 We started hardcore yesterday and only had two accidents, and he pooped in the potty twice! This was a huge step! Today started of a little rocky, but he has only had one accident and he is now telling me when he has to go, also a huge step!!! He was sooo against wearing underwear, and acted like it was sandpaper anytime we put them on him, but he has finally turned the corner and really likes them now! We have Toy Story and Cars theme, of course! He wants to pick out which ones he gets to wear and thinks he is such a big kid with them on (I do not love this part, but I know he has gotta grow up at some point!) 

I made a train potty chart and hung it in the bathroom. Every time he tee-tee's he gets to put one sticker up, and every time he poops he gets to put two stickers up! He LOVES this! We keep telling him when he gets to the end of the track we will have a Pizza Ranch Potty Party...he is super stoked about that idea!! He also still gets a Cars Micro Drifter or a Squinkie when he goes (more on that in this blog from March http://thefarmerandthesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2014/03/potty-time.html - yes we have been working on this since March!!!) I also put a little pig kitchen timer in the bathroom that goes off every thirty minutes, so when he hears the bell, he runs to the bathroom! Hope he doesn't end up always needing the bell to ring to go to the bathroom, but for now it is working!! I am just soo proud of him!!

Mommy's big boy! Filling him up with juice/milk and any snacks/sweets he wants! 

this is our potty chart!!

Monday, September 1, 2014


McCoy's Baptism is this Sunday, so I decided to go ahead and take his portrait in his Baptism outfit, since I know things will be CRAZY the day of. 

He is such a sweet, happy baby and we just love him to pieces! :)

this is Merritt's Baptism portrait..they are starting to look just a tiny bit different! hehe!
Merritt was a month younger than McCoy is in these pics...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Handsome Boys!

My sweet little cowboys all ready for Church! :)


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