Saturday, December 20, 2014

Moss Christmas!

We had the Farmer's family Christmas today! What fun!! Thanks everybody for everything!! Now we are all exhausted! :)  Enjoy the pics!

reading the Christmas story! McCoy was napping :)

love his face!! this boy loves his trucks/tractors/trains!!


The grandkids helping unwrap their presents from us "big" kids!

Playing the farm matching game Merritt got!! Soo fun!!

Go Go Smart Wheels...these are sooo cool...I may have played with them once the boys went to bed!! :)

opening their stocking bags!!

pile on Uncle Adam!

Cookie decorating fun!! Mommy wasn't supervising very well!!

such a big boy!!

wrestling with cousin Seth!

McCoy's haul!!

Merritt's haul!

Mommy's haul!! Love my welcome sign and got soo excited about my stocking stuffers! I had been really wanting to try those eos lip balms (I got Summer Fruit!!)  and I needed more fuzzy socks, can you ever have enough of these?!? 

Elves- Day 2

Project-able night lights (makes a Christmas scene on the ceiling, so cute!!), movies, and Mickey Christmas socks!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Dark Chocolate!

All my life I have loathed Dark Chocolate, it just always tasted soo wrong to me! This spring while I was still preggo, I accidentally picked up some of these dark choc Nature Valley bars. I had no energy to return them and I'm sure at the time was ravenous enough to eat anything and can I just tell yall, I was a changed person right then and there!!! 

They are SOOO yummy!! I figured maybe I was grown up now and should try more Dark is literally my fave now!! Mixed with sea salt, almonds, toffee, name it, I like it!! Such a happy accident!! :)  They have been out of these granola bars at Walmart for the past few months, but I found them today at Fareway!! Christmas score!! :)

Elves- Day 1

They came!! and brought color changing light up figures, along with candy and puffs!

How cute are the little lights!! They plug into usb ports for power! The boys will be getting lots of these type of things this year...Mommy got a little light happy on the 90% off clearance last year!! I just think they are so fun and Merritt loves to watch them change colors!!

checking things out!!

lollipop love!

McCoy just wanted his puffs!!

crazy hair!

They are supposed to be for your computer, but we just used the usb ports on the TV and DVD player!


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