Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day!

We are SOO excited that he didn't see his shadow!! Hoping for an early spring! :) 

Since Merritt didn't have Preschool today, I figured better do a groundhog craft to make up for it! 
Do-a-Dots it is!! They both had big fun!

Then, after watching the Punxsutawney Phil video on YouTube about 17 times, we decided to get out the Melissa and Doug farm animal stamps they got for Christmas! Even more fun!!

Had to share the latest paper Merr brought home from Preschool! He is doing so great learning to write his name!! Proud Mommy! :)


Snow day, so no preschool today! We decided to make Merritt's valentines for his party next week! 
They turned out super cute! As yall know, we love playdoh!! :)

Now I'm just realizing I should have spelled it "doh-rrific!"  UGHHHHH!!! Does it matter, since it's not even a real word?!?!? I mean I can spell it however I want, right? rrriiiiggghhhtt?!?!?! I just don't want to do it all over again!! BLAH!!! 

Happy Valentines! 

Have a "DOH-RIFFIC" day! ;)


Monday, February 1, 2016

This and That!

Blah!!! Yall...I am so sick of sickness!! Since Christmas, we have all had some sort of illness...I currently have a cough that has been hanging around almost three weeks!! OVER it!! Went to the doc today and got some antibiotics and an inhaler, hoping to be on the mend and getting a full nights sleep VERY soon!! Well...enough complaining! Lets get to some cute pics from my phone! :)

Merritt's first hot chocolate!!

McCoy loves to "ride" Merritt's scooter when he is gone! Little stinker!

They are both having so much fun with the new pirate ship!!

Cowboy Coy!

Last week, we had a play date with my MOPS group...we met in the Church gym, so the kids could run and play! They had so much fun!!

McCoy got a hold of his friend, Lee's, plasma car and road it all over that gym!! 
He loved it! So cute!

Merritt was excited to go "super fast" on his scooter!

 Hoping to do this again soon, they took such great naps that day ;)

Noodle fun at preschool!!

McCoy recently thinks he needs all his lovies for breakfast!

Finally getting around to building some Legos!! They both had so much fun! I think the Farmer has been waiting for this awhile!!

Happy Monday!! :)


Friday, January 29, 2016

Snow Fun!!

Yall, we played outside this morning and it was GLORIOUS!! I am not a cold weather person, but being cooped up in this house was really starting to get to me! It warmed up a bit today, so we suited up and played for almost two hours! That must be a January record for me! ha! 

We pulled out all of our new snow play stuff and had a ball!! I found all this at Dirt Cheap in Mississippi...it was 90% off the sticker price! I had my pick of whatever I wanted...they obviously don't get much (if any) snow down south, so there was TONS of things to choose from! So fun! The one time I felt lucky to live in a place where it snows! Ha!!

The brick molds and the markers were our fave! I scored a few refill packs for the markers too, so we will have plenty for more snow painting!! I'm thinking food coloring would work as well!!

"Look Mom, no hands!!" hehe :)


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