Tuesday, December 6, 2016


While Coy was outside, I decided to wrap the boys gifts! I let them pick which paper they want and then wrap all their things in it, that way I don't have to put name tags on anything!!

Minions for McCoy!

Thomas for Merritt!!

We will be having our Christmas on the 21st!! I already confirmed with Santa, and he was happy to drop the boy's gifts off early! Now I just need to plan the food! I'm not sure what the menu will be yet, but I'm sure it will be yummy! 

We have been having Christmas early the past few years, so that we can have more time in Mississippi with my family! With Merritt in school now, we can't stay as long and the days go so quickly while we are there!! Can't wait!!


This little marshmallow man got to help the farmer with chores this morning!! 

Such a good farming boy!! :)

Jolly Day 11!

Jolly brought them their very own mugs and some hot chocolate k-cups, along with some fun light up necklaces!! The boys were so excited, they have been really into hot chocolate lately...they usually never finish a cup, but they love the idea of it!! haha!!

How perfect are these mugs for my red and blue loving boys!?! So fun!



Thought I'd share some fun moments from yesterday! I ordered McCoy a tot cot (link) for all the traveling we will be doing soon (Merritt already has one and they are FAB!!) so they had a big time playing in the box! ha!

The fundraiser for our MOPS group this year is Culvers Ice Cream gift cards! I bought some and couldn't resist swinging by yesterday to pick up a pint of vanilla for a Christmas treat!!

Last nights advent book was the original Rudolph story!! It's soo cute! 
I found this copy at our Library sale for like 10 cents! Score! 
I thought the boys might ask where Big Foot (Bumble) was, but they didn't even notice! 

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