Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kindermusik Costume Patry

On Monday, McCoy had his costume party at Kindermusik!! 
They had tons of fun playing sound bingo and making crafts!!


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pumpkin Carving Fun!

This is the first year we have actually carved pumpkins! We usually just use the Mr. Potato Head push in things and call it good, but Merritt was on to us and made me promise that we would do "real carving" this year!! It was quite the project, but we made it through and ended up with two super cute pumpkins!

I had gotten these little carving kits that had bunches of templates in them..
McCoy obviously insisted on the witch!

and Merr picked an owl!

I was pretty proud of my witch!! :)

Do you think they will let us go pack to the easy route next year?!?! hehe!


Costume Time!!

There was a lot of debate, but in the end they chose a Knight and a Dragon!! McCoy wavered between a witch (that baby loves a witch), a cowboy, or a dragon and when Merritt chose a Knight, I gently nudged (ha!) Coy toward the dragon, and with that we made it another year with coordinating costumes!! WOOHOO! :)

I stuffed McCoy's costume with blankets and they were both obsessed with his "big tummy!"
I admit to squealing something along the lines of "this makes my life!!" after seeing his round dragon belly myself!! LOVE :)

We can't wait to trick or treat now!!

This weekend!

We had lots of fall fun this weekend so I thought I would share!!

I had to run to town on Friday night, so I decided it would be Happy Meals for supper!
How cute are the Charlie Brown buckets!!??

Then, since The Farmer was still harvesting, we decided to stay 
and play at the park for a bit before heading back home!

On Saturday morning, we were all in a crafty mood, so we did lots of our Halloween projects!!

Merritt's Train!

McCoy's Train!

Time to paint pumpkins!!

These "build a monster" things were in their Halloween Happys...
they played with these forever! Score!

Jack-o-lantern quesadillas for supper!

Then this morning, The Farmer brought the boys a special Halloween Treat!!

Donuts!! He brought breakfast pizza for me!! YUMMO! :)

My 4-H group and our Church are doing Operation Christmas child/shoeboxes, 
so we decided to go ahead and shop as a family for things to fill them with today! 
We forgot to get school supplies, so I will pick those up and our boxes will be complete!

Merritt loved picking out all the things a boy just like him would like, I had fun picking out all the girly stuff, and McCoy had fun running from The Farmer! hehe!! Merr did much better this year at the whole giving concept, and is very excited for "his boy" to get his present! Love doing shoe boxes!!


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