Wednesday, August 24, 2016


After all the fall crafts, we decided to have some puzzle fun! Merritt did his Tangoes, while McCoy put together a big train floor puzzle! McCoy also did a fun Melissa and Doug Farm puzzle and they both did a huge construction floor puzzle!

This one is soo fun! It has three separate train puzzles! ABC, Colors, and 123!

He wanted to ride on it!! HA!

He is much better at the other chunky Melissa and Doug puzzles, but he insisted on this one today!

Soo fun!!  :)


Let me just preface this by saying, this is probably the longest I have ever waited to "fall" up the place!! Time just got away from me, but I'm happy to announce that I got most of my fall decor up yesterday and we did some fall crafting this morning!! Woohoo!! 

When I was going through all my fall bins, I found quite a few craft projects that I had scored last year on Halloween clearance, so I figured since we would be gone 10 days in October, that I would go ahead and let them do some crafting now!! We chose cute foam jack-o-lanterns and Merritt also made a little Scarecrow!! Soo fun! I know yall already know this but, I LOVE FALL!! :)

No, it's not sweatshirt weather, Merritt just dressed himself this morning and he always picks from his winter drawers!!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Open House!!

This little nut had his Preschool Open House Last night! I am totally freaking out, as you can imagine, but he is completely ecstatic!! He got to bring all of his supplies, see the school and his classroom, and most importantly meet his very sweet teacher!! He wont start until after Labor Day, but I know I still wont be ready by then!! Where did the last four and a half years go!?!



 I have been a busy bee this morning!! Made muffins, got supper in the crockpot, froze some tomatoes, did the dishes, and vacuumed all before 10:00am!! That's what happens when your baby gets in your bed at 5:00!!! :)

Love putting all my baked goods in under this cloche! 
Adds a little fancy to the everyday!! :)

My bell peppers are pretty small, so I couldn't make stuffed peppers out of them...what's the next best thing? 
Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup!! I haven't tried it yet, but it smells delicious!!
Recipe (here)

I remember doing dot-to-dot books all the time as a kid, but I rarely see them now! 
I scored this cute ocean themed one and he loves it!! 

This one only goes up as high as 45 but most are under 20, perfect for him!

I got a package the other day with this big piece of craft paper in it for filler, I stashed it away to use for something!!

The boys decided they wanted to paint on it! 

Perfect project for both of them and the clean up was a breeze! 
Will have to save these more often! :)

Merritt has Open House tonight for Preschool! He is soo excited to meet his teacher and see his classroom!! 
Ecckkk!!! Is summer really almost over?!?!?

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