What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? Cool Ranch Tacos
These were so good with Mexican Cauliflower Rice!!

What we’ve been up to? 
Swimming lessons, riding Jake, getting ready for Legoland (t-shirts for the boys), and lots of crafting!! 

What I’m reminiscing about? The last time we went to Legoland!
Merritt was 2.5 and McCoy was two months!! We had such a fun time! I miss those sweet chubby babes, but excited to go with my big boys this time!! :)

What I’m loving?

Frappuccino- I know, I know I am so late to the coffee/starbucks party, but I just never really liked it before! I have been loving cappuccino for a few years, but now I am dipping my toe more into the coffee world!! I feel so grown up! ha!
Too Faced Love Palette- I scored this lovely palette at TJ Maxx and am really loving it!! 
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer- This stuff is amazing and makes my tired under eyes look like I’m not running on empty!!
Kirklands Cashew Nut Clusters- We picked up some of these when we got our Costco membership and they quickly become a fave! So yummy!!

What I’m working on? patching all of Merritt's jeans!! I swear this kids comes home from school at least once every two weeks with a hole in his jeans!! So I have patched all the holy ones and put patches on all the non-holy jeans in hopes of re-enforcing them!! 

What I’m Dreading? Yall, I have not worked on one page of McCoy's baby book since the last time I posted that I was dreading it!! Ugghhh!! I have got to get it done!! Needless to say, still dreading it!!

What I’m excited about? Legoland!!! We can't wait!! I love how excited they are about it!!

What I’m watching/reading? Real Housewives of New York! Hulu just released the last season, so of course I am binging it!! 

What I’m listening to? Mostly McCoy singing all his songs from Kindermusik and both boys belting out any song from Trolls or Moana!! Those movies have such great songs!!

What I’m Wearing?
I remembered to take pics this month!! Aren't yall proud!! :)
Most is stuff I found hiding in my closet, the only new things are the short sleeve floral cardigan (from Zulily) and the floral baseball T (from Lularoe). I am soo digging all the floral for spring!! Pretty, pretty! 

What I’m Doing this weekend? Our neice's b-day party and Church/Sunday School..hoping to get out the fire pit too!! We are dying for smores!! :)

What I’m looking forward to next month? Easter! Hunts, Dying Eggs, Crafts, Goodies, Church Activities, Visiting the Bunny, Easter Baskets!! I love it all and I can't wait!!

What else is new? Our new book collection!! The cloth covered Puffin Classics are our new obsession!!
Also added since I took this pic...Charlotte's Web, The Jungle Book, and Black Beauty!! Will do a dedicated post to these soon!! Such a fun collection for us and adds the best pop of color to the living room!! :)



Just some pics of what's been happening in our world! 

McCoy got his hair cut the other day! 
Too bad it was by his brother with kiddie scissors!! Ugghh!!

Loving Matilda!

We did some more painting! This time, race cars! :)

The boys loved checking out this fab Christmas Village on an outing to Pizza Ranch! 
Hope they leave it up all year, its so fun!

He is obsessed with his boots!!

My pictures came in and this chalkboard turned out soo cute!!

We had a big day of fun on Saturday, but my phone died and I only got pics of the library books!! 
We went to the Library, checked out the baby chicks at Bomgaars, grabbed some Culvers, and picked up our online order groceries!! Fun, Fun!

This and That!!

I shared some of this on Instagram, I'm trying to post more, 
so feel free to follow!! Instagram: iowa_southernbelle 

I always like to get the boys some new jammies for summer and when I saw these, I scooped them up!! Soo cute!! I love the mix and match four piece sets from Carters! (link) I buy them one size up, since they are made so tight anyway they still fit, then they can wear them again next summer! They have cute crab and pirate sets from last year that they can wear again too! We are set for Summer!

This one thinks he doesn't need and afternoon nap anymore!

Swimming lessons started yesterday for this little fish!!

Love this candle!!

I needed a new phone cover, so of course this is the one I picked!! LOVE! 

Also needed a new case for my ipad...I was going to put these in my Easter basket, 
but when they came in I just couldn't wait!!

I found this adorable book for my niece Sidney! 

It's about a Aunt/Godmother, just like me!! HeHe! When they asked me to be her Godmother, 
I said I wanted to be called "Fairy Godmother" ha! 
Thought this would be perfect for her baptism this summer!

 Scored this Too Faced Love palette at TJ Maxx!! Can't wait to try it!!

 We starting collecting these fabulous cloth covered Puffin Classics!! They are soo beautiful and such treasures!! The boys are loving Matilda, and want to start Huck Finn next! I will post more about these soon, I have a few more on they way! I found all of mine on Ebay! :)

Once I got the books on my shelf, I thought it needed some more rainbow! Grabbed this cute wooden box that my Valentines flowers came in, an arrow stencil, and lots of paint! Think it will be perfect with some succulents coming out of the top!! 


Easter Decor!

Spring has sprung and my Easter decor is up!! 

I am going to hang the boys pictures (through the years) with the Easter Bunny on this chalk board! 
I had to get them printed, so waiting on them to come in!

I just adore this vintage Easter look!!

I got this Easter plate from my Poo when she moved! So cute!

I saw similar ideas to this on Pinterest, and thought I would try it this year! 
I want to find some more rustic figures, but it's pretty cute! 
The Carrots are from Target, the rest is stuff I have had for awhile.

Found this at Target!

Hoppy Wednesday!! :)