St. Patrick's Fun!!

I love giving the boys green "happys" on St. Pats!! So throughout the year, if I see a good deal on something green or rainbow, I grab it and save it for my little Leprechauns!

Merritt's! With the red rainbow pen.

and McCoy's, with the blue rainbow pen!

I found these knock off View Master things on this fall for $2! We had these as kids and loved them. The boys also LOVED them and kept bringing them to me saying, "Momma you gotta see this!!" with each slide!! I guess you get what you pay for though, because Merritt's broke this morning!! Grrr!! Definitely putting the of original View Master on McCoy's birthday list, since I'm sure his will break before they day is over!! 

I had enough little green things already bought for them, then I saw that Lego had released colored creativity boxes! Of course I had to get them the green ones for St. Pats! I grabbed them for $5 on Amazon! Soo fun!!

I scored these at Walmart on their after Christmas Clearance for $2.50! 
The boys are very into potions and experiments, so they were beyond excited for this set!!

Found these scented rainbow pens in the party section at Walmart for $1 each, we LOVE these clickable pens with lots of color options! Great for Church and traveling!

And then the old standbys! I always get them gold coins and some kind of Lucky Charms!!

These little Lego Creativity boxes are soo perfect for beginner Lego builders! 
Merritt did all of these by himself!! And McCoy built his tractor with just a little help!
Fun, fun!!

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