Snow Day!!

We had another snow day yesterday..blah!! Hopefully it was our last!! We are ready for spring!! 

Here's a few pics of how we spent the day off :)

Snow Ice Cream!!! Yummo!

Playdoh!! It has been awhile since we got it out! Mainly because it was buried in the now organized craft cabinet!
I decided to store it on a shelf in the playroom, so it is easily accessible!! 
They literally played with it for HOURS!!!

After baths we did some Lego building...they wanted a dolphin...I tried! ha!

Then before bed, The Farmer said there was a huge package at the door! My new luggage!! I had been searching for a new suitcase, since my huge green Samsonite has lost all its handles! I have had it over 16 years! It has traveled millions of miles and has been through tons of airports, she was good to me, but it was time for an upgrade! And yall know good and well I could not pass up this pink flamingo one!! It is everything!! LOVE!!! 

Merritt for size reference!! 
I wanted one as big as my old one and I think it's the same or maybe a tick bigger!!

McCoy saw it this morning a yelled, "It's a road trip backpack!!" 
Yeah it is, buddy!! 


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