This and That!

Merritt Wylie- 6 years old!

Our Little Buckaroo is 6!! 
(A little late with this update!)

Fiestaware Planters!

Summer Bucket List!

Since we are stuck inside because of the snow, why not share our Summer Bucket list!

Snowed In...

Tea Cart Makeover!

Tea Cart Makeover

I have had the beautiful tea cart for a few years, it was my gradmother's and I love having it in my dining area, just like she did! I have been debating whether or not to paint it for awhile, and I finally just pit the bullet! I absolutely love how turned out! Just enough of a pop of color!!

Junior Ranger Badge Display!

Junior Ranger Badge Display

The boys have big plans of getting lots of Junior Ranger Badges this summer, so I got busy making them something to display them on! I think the Park Service sells something similar, but of course I had to make my own!


The boys, as yall know, are obsessed with bull riding, so when we saw the PBR was going to be in town, I grabbed us some tickets! McCoy is a HUGE fan of Jess Lockwood (most days he will only answer if you call him Jess!! ha!) and Merritt loves Cooper Davis! We went on the last day, both had great rides and made it to the Championship round, so we got to see them ride twice. Jess Lockwood ended up winning it all and McCoy was ELATED!! Copper Davis got third, and we had to assure Merritt that 3rd was still VERY good!! hehe!

This and That!

Pictures of the last few weeks! 

lots of rodeo playing lately!

Personalized Map with Pictures!

I have been wanting to do this for AGES!! I just decided to go for it! I got the map from Amazon (link), The Farmer got me a piece of some kind of particle board in the same size, and I Mod Podged it on!!
Map with Pictues

Before I Mod Podged, I took some wax paper and traced the state shapes, at this point you could just use these tracings to cut out your pictures...but I scanned them...

And put them in Photoshop, added the pics and had them printed!

Ready to glue it on

Time to cut out the pics

I just taped them on with a removable tape, in case I ever want to update any of the pics!

I just LOVE it yall and so do the boys, they love to see where we have been and talk about where we want to go! The Farmer and I have been to lots more states, but I decided to keep it to just places the boys have been! Hoping to put some more pictures up this summer!! 


Yellowstone Scavenger Hunt!

In all my trip planning I was looking for a check-off list of animals for the boys. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I made my own! Feel free to use it for your kiddos too!! :)

Yellowstone Scavenger Hunt, Yellowstone Animal Check List, Yellowstone, Yellowstone Animal

Easter Sunday!

We had such a fun Easter Sunday! Church, Easter baskets, and lunch with The Farmers fam!!

I accidentally put their stuff in the wrong baskets! Merr knew the red stuff was his and Coy knew the blue stuff was his, so it was fine!! haha!!

They both got Legos (I saved them from Black Friday!), some blind bags, candy, 
a DVD, and a little science experiment kit!

There was a preview of "Mr. Popper's Penguins" on another dvd and he 
always watches the preview over and over! He was so excited to get the whole movie!!

Merritt has been wishing for Ferdinand!! LOVE it!!

He has been wanting "bull riding teeth"

watch out world!! ha!


Dyeing Eggs!

We LOVE to dye eggs!! Such a fun tradition with my boys!!
And such yummy egg salad the next day :)