Advent Calendar!

Yes, I know it is still September, but I like to be prepared!! I have been collecting fun little things for his advent calendar since everything went on clearance last year after Christmas! I did a lot of searching for ideas of things to put in advent calenders and couldn't find many pictures, just lists of things. So I decided to take pictures of what I found...these ideas may not work for everybody since some calendars are much smaller but these were perfect for the old Coke crate we use! 

This is last years picture, just so you can get an idea of what it looks like all put together. We start with 24 and see whats inside, then take the item out, and I put the card with the number face down in its little cubby. Last year I just did all Little People, he liked it but I think this year will be much more fun!

the treasures!

I'll just list left to right: FIRST ROW-  little plastic Christmas book (walmart), bendy Santa (walmart), Mickey (dollar tree), grow a penguin (Hobby Lobby), grow a pig (Hobby Lobby), Goofy (dollar tree), SECOND ROW- snowman playdoh (ebay), Cars socks (Target), slinky (walmart), Toy Story keys (walmart), bendy snowman (walmart), sponge farm animal beads (dollar tree), THIRD ROW-  Minnie (dollar tree), Toy Story anti-bac (dollar tree), Tree playdoh (ebay), Donald (dollar tree), Cars socks (Target),  little plastic Christmas book (walmart), FOURTH ROW- Toy Story Zing Ems-Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, alien (these are SOO cool!), slinky (walmart)

the Zing Em's close up :)  These came in a whole pack at Dirt Cheap for around 2 or 3 bucks...If you live in the South, you must go to Dirt Cheap, it will change your life!! hehehe!!

This was so fun for me to do! Some of the things were left over from his farm birthday party, most was from Christmas Clearance last year (me and my sister spent a whole day deal finding, it was soo fun!), and the rest is from Dollar Tree. Can't wait for December 1st!!!


This and That!

Sorry no post lately, but we have been busy bees! I haven't taken many pics, but here are a few from my phone :)
This pumpkin was what he chose for his grocery shopping prize! He carries it around everywhere!

yummy pumpkin muffins I made for our MOPS meeting last week! A must try!

 The other day The Pioneer Woman was in Jackson, Mississippi for a book signing for her Charlie dog books! My Momma went and got Merritt some signed copies!! I just adore her and was pretty much a jelly belly the whole time texting for updates!! I got to meet her four years ago in Minneapolis when The Farmer took me, so I was really excited Momma went to this one, just wish I would have been there too :) Thanks, Momma, for waiting in line for hours...and hours!! We love you!

he is getting so good at coloring!

scribbling away waiting for supper :)

Magnet Madness!

I finally got this little Pinterest project completed! And we love it!! :) I got the metal part from Home Depot and the frame from The Walmart. Just took the glass out of the frame, put in the metal, and DONE!  

you'll notice a glimpse of our "white trash" Mickey Halloween decor hanging from the front window...the things I do for this babe!!  Also not seen even, more obnoxious pumpkin/Halloween gel clings...nothing but class here! ha!

I love it Mommy!

finally have enough room to use his fabric alphabet magnets he got for Christmas!

yes, that's a deep sea diver in his right hand...his cousins brought him back lots of goodies from their vaycay to Sea World!


now lets throw them all over the room! :)

Fun in New Orleans!

Last Saturday, we went to New Orleans to visit my brother and his fam and most importantly meet my newest nephew, Maddox! I could have held him for hours, what a sweetheart! We went to the Louisiana Children's Museum and had the best time! I think my Daddy may have had more fun than anybody else! Then went out to lunch at Mulates, it was amazing, but everywhere we eat in New Orleans is!!! Then headed back Trey's for more snuggle time with Maddox and to take Merritt on his first Street Car ride...he fell asleep! ha! :) We'll have to try again next time, when it's not so close to nap time! What a fun day :)

human bubble!

how appropriate for the New Orleans grocery store at the museum!

Rex HAD to have all the corn!

Just like Jackson Square in the French Quarter!

kisses on the street car!

finally got to meet my birthday buddy! love him! :)

Fun at Cade-o's game!

Merritt did so good at all the games, I thought it might be a disaster, but he just loved it! We got to see Cade-o play two games and they won both!! Woohoo!!

We love #52!

yelling for Cade! He was so excited when he turned around!

cheering section!