Website!!! - Hull, Iowa Photographer

My website is up and running!!! Maternity, Baby, Kids, Seniors, Family, and Engagement Photography in Hull, Iowa....or Northwest, Iowa :)

I am still working on the gallery pages, but the rest looks great!! Thanks so much to my web team co-workers for all your help!! :)


Baby Kaia!!! Hull, Iowa Photographer

When I was down at my office, I got to take some pictures of Jonina's little princess Kaia!! Jonina is on the print team with me, so Kaia and I go way back to when she was kicking her momma in the belly everyday at work! I just love the way these pictures turned out...what a sweetie!! :)

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Halloween Party!

I went down to my office on Thursday and Friday for our big Halloween Party! I was Wendy and Jen was an Old Fashion Wendy's (square) hamburger!! It was too cute!! There was tons of yummy food and it was soo good to get to see all my peeps again!!! I'm soo excited for trick or treaters tonight!! I have to rig up a cd player so I can have music playing outside!! Soo fun :)

Me and my Hamburger!

The whole gang!

The remote print team!! Very funny girls!! :)


Busy Bee!

Long time, no post! Sorry about that...but the bad news is, I'm headed to my office today, so I wont be posting again until I get back!! What will yall do without me?!?!? hehe!! We are having our Halloween Party tomorrow and I just couldn't miss it! Plus, I miss my office buddies ALOT!!! So I am heading down today, so I can take some pictures of my co-workers precious baby, then be there for the party tomorrow!! Soo exciting! I'm sure I will have plenty of pics to post when I get back!! Nothing much else has been going on here...Harvest is DONE!! and when I say done, I mean just the soybeans!! They still have the corn left to go, but that's better than nothing!! I rode in the Combine for hours the other night, so I could spend some time with the Farmer, soo sweet, right??! I forgot my camera but i did get these pics on my phone of Mag's driving the Combine...too funny! She's like "Puuuuuuuhhhlease, I can drive this beast in my sleep!!" hehe!! It was actualy in park (do combines even have a park setting?!?!), because we were unloading the beans into the wagon...but she doesn't have to know that!!

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!! I bought TONS of the best candy, so I better have some trick or treaters!!! :)


Pioneer Woman!!

The Pioneer Woman made her TV debut today on the Bonnie Hunt Show!! I can't wait to watch it!! Yes, I DVR everything!! :) I am soo excited to meet her and get a signed cookbook in Minneapolis at the Mall of America!!! Less than a month to go now!!

Check out the link for the show info and a clip!!


Fall is here!!!

So I found out this weekend that there is a Fall Decorating Contest in my town!! They are judging by street..since there is only like 2 other houses on my street decorated, my odds are not looking too good! Maybe they will give me an honorable mention for my effort!! haha!! I am almost certain I have the only house with lights!!! :)

I have to get another adapter for my light up jackolatern, but it will be fixed by judging!!!

I's soo white trash, but I like it and that's all that matters!!! :) If you think this is too much, just wait until Christmas!!! Can't wait!!!


Farm Life...

Yesterday I ventured to the farm to see the new calves and to pick out my fall decorations (stay tuned for pics) The Farmer had to do chores, so I helped! And when I say "helped," that means I took pictures and successfully opened the gate without letting anything escape!!

awwww :)

The corn that is just begging to be harvested!! Come on sun!!!

up close and personal!
record keeping...
"Really!?!? must you??" hehe!!


Precious Baby Ryan!! Hull, Iowa Photographer

Do you remember this fun shoot of adorable Emily and Lincoln? I've done soo many shoots you can't remember :)

Well Baby Ryan is their cousin!! He is soo precious!! The little baby elf hat I bought was too small, but I brought along some other fun props! I think they turned out super cute!! Thanks so much Courtney, for letting me get some great baby practice!! Let me clarify, I mean great baby practice with photography...don't need any rumors getting started, hehehe!! ;)

These are some of my faves...I wasn't sure why everything he had was orange, until I realized Courtney's husband is a football coach and orange is their school's color...duh! I should have guessed that :)