I miss them!

I was trying to organize my digital pictures last night after watching Biggest Loser (I really want Abby to win!!) and came across these photos from Thanksgiving last year.

I did some editing and thought I would share :) I love how red their hair is!!!

He is soo grown up now! He probably wont even pose for pictures when I am home for Christmas!

That is, until his Momma and Grammy threaten him with presents! Then he will pose :) AND then we will play board games until I can't hold my eyes open any longer at which point I will play through the pain and consequently regain the Favorite Aunt status!!

And this is A-dub, she looks like she has just lost her best friend....she didn't! She is spoiled rotten and has never lost a thing in her life and I LOVE her to death!!! Everyone says we are JUST alike...even the Farmer, who has only seen us together like 5 times! I just don't see it ;)

Can you see the hint of naughtiness in those eyes!?! It's there! Look closer!

This pic is from my sister's blog!! You should see how much fun they had at the LSU/MSU game! It's pretty sad when your entire family goes to your alma mater for a football game and cheers on the other team!! In their defense, the other team just happened to be my brother's alma mater! :)

She is petting my school's mascot and her shirt says "Tiger Bait"...does this seem genuine to you!?!?


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