Pumpkins continued!!!

I decided to wrap them up like real lolly pops and used some leftover ribbon from the wedding! Soo stinkin cute!!

I made a few white pumpkins too, like the one on my front porch!! Soo fun!!
I also made Grape Salad for a party we are going to tonight at our neighbors! I will give yall the recipe and share pics later! It is super yummy!
Last night we went to the Mexican Restaurant and to the movies...I'm still full!! We saw Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, it was HILARIOUS!!!! Soo cute! We did end up sitting a little too close and I had to shut my eyes during the actions parts where they make it feel like your in the movie...it just made me feel sick! And the Farmer accidentally kicked the kid in front of him, but other than that the popcorn was great and we had fun!!
Hope yall have a great weekend :)

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