Hey Bear!!

Soo I would say the biggest highlight of our first day in Yellowstone was seeing a black bear..really close!! I got some video footage (below)...I have never used that feature on my camera, so sorry if it's not very good! I really wanted to stay there all night! Oh and I sound like a moron on video..ughhh!

We also saw some more wildlife and scenery on the first and second day, so I will post those pics next!! :)

We had such a good time in Cody, WY...loved the Buffalo Bill Museum and all the fun shopping! We got back last night and I am soo exhausted! On Saturday, I am headed to Minneapolis to see Wicked and shop with my friend, Tracey and sis-in-law, JoElyn...can't wait! THEN next Thursday my Daddy is coming up and we are heading to Kaycee, WY for our trail ride/camping trip to the Hole in The Wall! SOO EXCITED!


Heidi's Wedding!

Just a few snapshots! The wedding was beautiful! It took place at the Great Divide Ski Lodge just outside of Helena...gorgeous! I can't wait to edit all the pictures, but for now, here's a few of our gang :)


Meet me in Montana!!

Disclaimer: I used my cheapo digital point and shoot camera for these snap shots..so the quality is wretched!! :)

We were in Helena for a few days and got to take in some of the sights...I loved living here when I was in Montana..so many fun things to do and see!

The Farmer..always on the phone...but I guess I always am too :)

I made him pose since he was on the phone and made me wait!

Part of the Glacier Park exhibit at the Museum in Helena!

The Farmer's hand is as bis as a grizzly!! Yikes :)

On the Tour Train through Helena!

The capitol building! It is soo gorgeous inside, we didn't have time to go in this time..

Tour train!

We stopped by the Parrot, an amazing candy store downtown, and got my favorite..chocolate covered honey comb!!! Yummo!

We got a chance to go to the Rialto, while we were there! My good friend Kristin and her family own the place and it was SOO good to see her again!

Trai, my college friend, was also in town for the wedding! Miss him SOO much!

Me and the Farmer with Kristin!

soo fun :)

Up next, snapshots from Heidi's wedding (I was the photographer, but it will be awhile before I get those edited), then pics from Yellowstone, we were there Sunday and today!!! We are in Cody, WY tonight and all day tomorrow, then we head home on Wednesday! We are having the BEST time!!!


Another Etsy.com fave!!!

Ok! I am SUUUUUUPPER busy at work, but these just came in and I just had to show them off and recommend you check out this Etsy store!! Simple Block Sayings!

Aren't they adorbs?!?!? These are for my friends little girl's birthdays (let's hope since they are busy teachers, they won't see this post, ha!)...it's safe to say, if you have a child, and you are my friend, you will be getting one of these one day!! SOOO cute!!! I really love to buy little kids gifts...especially girls! The Farmer thinks this is a problem..I think it's fun!! hehe!
And even if you don't have kids, she makes the cutest holiday/home blocks too!! I am going to order one that says "It's Fall Y'all" in fun autumn colors as soon as I get a chance! Something like this one...

, ok! I have got to get back to working on my magazine, but you should head on over to Simple Block Sayings and die over the cuteness!! :)

We leave for Montana is 48 hours!!! All my clothes are clean and organized...just need to try to fit them in the suitcase! I have to tell you, my jewelry bag weighs more than my suitcase!! All that crazy huge/chunky turquoise, rhinestones. conchos, and crosses!! Soo excited to go to a place where it is acceptable to wear it again..ha!

Laney is One!! - Hull, IA Kids Photographer

How cute is this little blue eyed sweetie!?!? Here are some of my faves from her one year portraits, along with a few shots with big brother!


Have you missed my recipes?!?!?

Sorry! I have been so busy lately with photo shoots and editing pics, I haven't had time to post any yummy recipes...well let's be honest, I haven't had time to cook!! But, this week I am making a conscience effort to prepare at least one meal a day (and workout!! proud??) Soo tonight before I rushed off for yet another photo shoot, I whipped up this AMAZING casserole!

MMMMMmmmm Southwest Pasta Bake...it is sooo good!! I was skeptical because most southwestern recipes just taste like a taco to me, but the flavor of this dish is just soo tasty!! Even the Farmer suggested I share it with yall!!! Sooo that's why I only have pics of it half eaten! I wasn't prepared to document the whole process and wouldn't have had time if I was, so here ya go!!!

And the best part about this recipe is, it's healthy!! That's right, I got it out of my new cookbook, Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook! I found it at Sam's Club but I'm sure you can get it online...it is such a great cookbook! I mean seriously, I have to feed 6'7, corn fed, Iowa farm boy... I need real food and this book does the trick!! One of my former Montana co-worker's daughter works in the test kitchen at Taste of Home, so I have always really liked all their magazines and such. I hope to share many more recipes from it, so stay tuned!!!

I have two fun senior shoots and a one year old session to share with yall as soon as I finish editing!!! Ohh and we leave for a week in Montana/Yellowstone next Wednesday...but not before I finish my big monthly magazine for work!! I just could not function without stress! Now I'm off to de-stress by watching Project Runway and The Real Housewives of DC (thank goodness for DVR)!! Anybody else tuning in to this group of housewives?? They are not my faves yet, but growing on me!!

Polka Dot Pumkins!!

I'm sure yall remember how much I love fall...the smells, the pumpkins/gourds, the cooler weather, using canned pumpkin in every recipe, high school football, being a Harvest Widow (ha!) and of course eating every pumpkin spice Hershey kiss I can get my hands on!! In fact I plan on decking the house out in Fall decor this weekend!! Anyway, I just couldn't resist buying these two super cute fall items!! I mean come on, like I could pass up polka dot pumpkins?!?! Please!! I will be putting these in some big pretty mums in front of the house! I am now counting down the days until we get to go back to Pumpkin Land!! Can't wait!!


jcrew.com needs to be blocked from my computer!

Sooo when we were in Omaha, I spotted this amazing cascading sequin cardy in J. Crew that I just HAD to have, I actually saw it in gray with black detail, but preferred this apricot mist version (available online) even more!...it was $118, so my friend, Amanda, said wait for it to go on sale and just get it off their website! Easy enough...it was even on sale by the time I got home, AND this week they were doing a 30% off already reduced sale items promotion..so I added it to my cart!! Now they were also having a free shipping deal on purchases over $150, so I may have added a few more items to my cart to get to that magic number! How can you resist free shipping?!!?!? My Momma and sister taught me taught me at an early age the value of a good sale :)

I may have added this gorgeous spiced chartreuse ruffle cardigan....

And this lovely "english saddle" petal tank...

And this fun black tissue flutter tank....

And this cute gray ruffle tank...I'll try not to look super annoyed when I wear it!.

And this versatile white tissue ruffle tank...
And maybe a few more basic long sleeve T's :) Of course, I will be wearing all these tanks under cardigans this Fall, so it's not like I have to wait until next summer to enjoy them! AND I have been saving up for our big trip to the Minneapolis outlets in a few weeks, so I decided to use some of that money to buy these cute tops to wear while I'm there shopping for more clothes...see how this all makes sense?!?! Or could this be a problem!??!!? HAHA!!! :)


Super Cute Brother and Sister! - Hull, IA Photography

I had such a good time on the farm with these cuties!! This little princess is destined to be a super model one day...watch out Tyra!! And what about the little man? He wanted to be so serious, but Mom and big sis managed to get a few smiles out of him too! Here are some of my faves! Enjoy :)