Have you missed my recipes?!?!?

Sorry! I have been so busy lately with photo shoots and editing pics, I haven't had time to post any yummy recipes...well let's be honest, I haven't had time to cook!! But, this week I am making a conscience effort to prepare at least one meal a day (and workout!! proud??) Soo tonight before I rushed off for yet another photo shoot, I whipped up this AMAZING casserole!

MMMMMmmmm Southwest Pasta Bake...it is sooo good!! I was skeptical because most southwestern recipes just taste like a taco to me, but the flavor of this dish is just soo tasty!! Even the Farmer suggested I share it with yall!!! Sooo that's why I only have pics of it half eaten! I wasn't prepared to document the whole process and wouldn't have had time if I was, so here ya go!!!

And the best part about this recipe is, it's healthy!! That's right, I got it out of my new cookbook, Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook! I found it at Sam's Club but I'm sure you can get it online...it is such a great cookbook! I mean seriously, I have to feed 6'7, corn fed, Iowa farm boy... I need real food and this book does the trick!! One of my former Montana co-worker's daughter works in the test kitchen at Taste of Home, so I have always really liked all their magazines and such. I hope to share many more recipes from it, so stay tuned!!!

I have two fun senior shoots and a one year old session to share with yall as soon as I finish editing!!! Ohh and we leave for a week in Montana/Yellowstone next Wednesday...but not before I finish my big monthly magazine for work!! I just could not function without stress! Now I'm off to de-stress by watching Project Runway and The Real Housewives of DC (thank goodness for DVR)!! Anybody else tuning in to this group of housewives?? They are not my faves yet, but growing on me!!

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  1. Oh that looks so good! I've been in need of some recipe inspiration, so I'll this on to my next menu plan. Thanks for sharing!