Little McCoy!!

We had to make a song book for Kindermusik and thought I would share how McCoy's turned out!! 

His celebration day is on Monday! This will be his last one since he is starting preschool in the fall!! Will be so weird not going to Kindermusik anymore!! Will miss it, but excited for him to start school! At least I am now...ask me again when I'm sobbing uncontrollably after dropping him off his first day!!

What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? 
I froze some ham after Easter and pulled it out last night to make these amazing sliders recipe! So good! Not sure what else we are having this week, I need to get groceries and do a new meal plan tonight!!

What we’ve been up to? Merritt finished swimming lessons, McCoy started Story Time, continuing to build all the Legos, getting our garden started, and counting down the days until summer break!! Also waiting for some good weather so we can make our Fairy Garden!!
I found the cutest fairy garden stuff at the Dollar Tree (so adorable, right?!?!) and got the plants at Menards and it has been the yuckiest weather since!!! Boo!!

What I’m reminiscing about? Baby McCoy...yall, I can't even believe he is going to be three!!
Where did my little squishy go?!?!

What I’m loving?

-Curling Wand: I have had this baby for at least two years (amazon link) but I just could not figure out how to use it, and my hair was shorter too, so that that didn't help! Well a while back I saw a video on facebook for one of the Lange wands and she showed how to use it, so I gave mine a whirl again and it worked!! It gives the most amazing curls!! Can't believe It sat in a drawer collecting dust for so long!! 
-LuLaRoe: I am sort of late the game on this, I bought an Irma a couple of years ago at a MOPS event and really liked it, but I rarely wear things without a cardigan or vest over it, so I just never really wore it. Cut to about a month ago when I went to a LuLaRoe party and tried on a Randy T, I just loved it and the rest is history! A couple weeks later, I was invited to an online party and scored an adorbs Irma shirt (pictured in the "what I'm wearing" section) and I finally bit the bullet and got some leggings..they had pink horses on them...I mean, how could I say no??!! As soon as I tried them on, I knew I was hooked!! I did some Ebay searching and found out you can get them for around $15...yes please!! 
-Avacodos: I have always liked these, but lately they have fallen into the love category! Avocado toast is so yummy, they are great with eggs, or really anything!! Mmmm!!
-Refit: We did this workout at a MOPS meeting at the beginning of the month and I really liked it, I had been doing a walking dvd for a few weeks before that but was getting really bored with it! So I started doing Refit in my basement and just love it!! My local gym has a class once a week, but it's 50 minutes and I can only do about 40 minutes with out completely dying, so I am working my way up!! Good to have goals right?!?! They have some of the workouts on youtube if you want to check it out!

What I’m working on? McCoys Pirate Party!! We are having his Iowa party on the 7th, and yall know I am going crazy with this theme!! I have turned the playroom closet into party central (see below)! The styrofoam ice chest is going to be a treasure chest! Stay tuned!!

What I’m Dreading? Cleaning my house for the aforementioned party!! bahaha!! Cleaning the playroom has been on my to-do list for at least a month and I don't even want to think about it!! blah!! 

What I’m excited about? Mississippi!!! Can't wait to go on our annual month long trip down south!! My "baby" nephew is graduating high school, my niece's horse shows, and a beach vaycay...bring on the fun!!!

What I’m watching/reading? Real Housewives of Potomac, Kicking and Screaming (it's like a survivor type show), and Scandal. The Farmer and I also rented Hidden Figures a few weeks ago and it was great!!  

What I’m listening to? Alan Jackson! I got the Farmer some of his greatest hits CD's for Easter and we have been loving them!! We got tickets to see him for our anniversary in August! Fun, Fun!

What I’m Wearing?
I remembered to take pics again!! Disclaimer: my mirrors need to be cleaned..badly..sorry!
(l to r)
-Cargo vest strikes again, how did I ever live without it?!?!
-LuLaRoe Irma shirt, it feels like wearing pjs!! Love!
-If you know me, you know I am not a leggings girl, but I finally gave the LuLaRoe ones a go and I am obsessed!! Yall they really are like butter, I just can't get enough! I think I am up to 6 pairs now! Most are crazy patterns that I would just wear around he house, but a few are public approved!! :)
-Love the detail on this mint top!!
-I picked up this cocoon cardi while we were in KS City, so cute!
-LuLaRoe leggings again, did I mention obsessed?!?! 

What I’m Doing this weekend? Nothing!! We have had lots of busy weekends lately and we are all ready for some down time!! 

What I’m looking forward to next month? Being with my family!! We haven't been home since Christmas and haven't seen any fam since February, so we are ready!! The boys ask for a countdown everyday and McCoy is always telling me things like, "but Whoop needs us to come today" "I think he said he needs my help with sumthin" "Can we just go already!!!" hahaha!! Can't wait!!

What else is new? One of my MOPS friends and I are going to be MOPS Coordinators next year! We are very excited and can't wait to get started...a little nervous to but I know it will be so good!!


How does your garden grow?!?

We got the first stage of the garden planted and the boys are so excited!! Can't wait for fresh veggies!!!

Grow garden grow!! 

Fishers of Men

Merrit said his bible verse this morning in church and did such a great job! So proud of him!! :)

Friday Fun!!

This morning McCoy had his first "big kid" Story Time! He didn't even want me to walk him in!! Stop growing up kid!! I snapped a few pics before I left and at the end when I picked him up. He had the best time and they said he did so good! It's for 3, 4, and 5 year olds, but since he is almost 3 they let him go ahead and join! So fun! He loved every second, my little bookworm!

Next, we made a Bomgaars run to get our cool season veggies for the garden!

We got broccoli, cauliflower, and a strawberry plant and sunflower that my little helper insisted we get!! Still need to find some brussel sprouts! I'm so excited for my garden this year! We have it all planned out! We are going to wait a few weeks to get the rest of the plants...lots of tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, zucchini, squash, Indian corn, and pumpkins! The Farmer is also going to build me a pallet herb garden too! With basil, cilantro, lavender, dill, and oregano. I'm soo excited!!  

How gorgeous are these tulips!! The Farmer's Momma planted them awhile ago and they have bloomed the last two years! I don't remember there being a red one last year though! I think this might be it's first year!! Of course my red-loving Merritt is ecstatic about it!

Happy Friday


This and That!!

The PJ cowboy!!


I found this adorbs flamingo caddy and had to have it for my vanity!

yall!! It's soo cute!!

The boys got parachute sky divers from Grandma's egg hunt!

So they launched them off the swing set!

Last week was National Library week and they had a candy guessing game..guess who won?!? 
This kid! He guessed the right amount and won all the candy! Just what we needed after Easter! hehe!

MOPS girls night!! Our table group has been so fun this year! Just love them! :)

This kid just can't stay awake for lunch anymore!! hehe!

My niece and nephews are at my parents this week, so we were skyping with them. 
My Momma snapped this pic of me and Sid! Soo sweet! She is such a happy girl!!