This and That!!

The PJ cowboy!!


I found this adorbs flamingo caddy and had to have it for my vanity!

yall!! It's soo cute!!

The boys got parachute sky divers from Grandma's egg hunt!

So they launched them off the swing set!

Last week was National Library week and they had a candy guessing game..guess who won?!? 
This kid! He guessed the right amount and won all the candy! Just what we needed after Easter! hehe!

MOPS girls night!! Our table group has been so fun this year! Just love them! :)

This kid just can't stay awake for lunch anymore!! hehe!

My niece and nephews are at my parents this week, so we were skyping with them. 
My Momma snapped this pic of me and Sid! Soo sweet! She is such a happy girl!!


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