Easter Saturday!

We have a busy day tomorrow, so I decided to do the boy's Easter baskets this morning when The Farmer came in from chores! We had yummy "bunny buns" for breakfast, then checked out all the fun stuff in their baskets!

McCoy's Basket!

Merritt's Basket!

 They got the firetruck/fireman Legos (McCoy got the duplo size and Merritt got the regular size), Lego boxes, candy, jump ropes, some blind bags, bath stuff, socks, undies, playdoh and new DVD's!

 The Farmer and I got baskets too!! hehe!

The Farmer got some Alan Jackson cd's (we got tickets to see him for our Anniversary in August!), lots of candy, SDSU t-shirt, DVD, cologne, some grilling stuff, and an indoor/outdoor digital thermometer!

I got some coloring books, a flamingo notebook, a flamingo shower cap, babylips, watermelon makeup wipes, Snow White DVD, phone camera lens, aloe socks, Too Faced County Palette, Blender Bottle, cute flamingo make up bag, and some face masks!!

I mean...the names alone are all I can handle!! Ecckk!!


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