2 Months old!!

Yes!!! 2 months old already! CRAZY!!!

Look back here to see how much he has changed!!

He is now smiling alot!! Which of course we adore, this kid has us SOO wrapped around his little finger :) He especially likes it when The Farmer and I make "O" sounds and do funny faces...always good for a sweet smile! He is sleeping from about 9:30pm to 4:00am then right back to sleep and up again by 8:00am. He is very curious and is always looking around and checking out all the crazy things mommy puts in his view! He still loves the bouncy seat, swing, and play mat. Tried the Bumbo a little but he doesn't really love it yet...maybe a few more weeks. He hold his head up for longer periods during tummy time and is soo strong! He is getting so big! He goes for his 2 month check up on the 7th and we can't wait to find out how much our little Chub Muffin weighs!! He is wearing 3 month and 3-6 month clothes and making me so sad everytime I have to store away another adorable outfit. We are having so much fun watching him grow and change and can't imagine life without our perfect little boy :)


Mommy, what's a Zebra?!?!

Yep, that's what Merritt is going to ask me after his first day of preschool...that and what is every other non-farm animal! Ha! Much like his wardrobe, I don't have any desire to buy anything other than farm/cowboy toys! Everyday he is doing more and more and is mesmerized by his bright colorful farm V-tech rattle (http://thefarmerandthesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2012/02/bouncy-seat-baby.html)
So I went on a mission to find him another one similar but with a softer feel....cut to the Fisher Price Farm Musical Mini-Mobile....

It is sooo cute and of course he loves it!! It makes all the farm animal sounds when you tug on the blue pony and he can chew on it too...that is, when he actually starts teething! This fun find led me to discover Fisher Price's other farm inspired toys! Who knew they had so many great things...why are hardly none of them sold in stores?!?!

The Kick and Feel Musical Farm Friends was a must have too...our little babe is a mover and a shaker, his legs are always going 90 miles an hour, so I knew he would love it! You tie it to the end of the crib and let him kick away...it makes all sorts of sounds and songs!

I was SOOO excited to find the Laugh & Learn Learning Farm (on a very high shelf all by it self) when we were in Rapid City,SD for the Stock Show! I was bummed, however, to realize we had absolutley NO room to bring it home with us...boo!! I searched and searched when we returned home, but could only find it for rediculously high prices online and of course our Toys R Us in Sioux Falls didn't have it. So I called up the store in Rapid City and they very kindly shipped it to this obsessed momma...the last one in stock! Score! Apparently they don't make them anymore, along with the two previous items and the cute pony I am going to share with you next! Good thing I am such a good online shopper and can find anything when desperate enough! ha!

I found the fabulous Laugh & Learn Smart Bounce & Spin Pony below on Ebay since the Amazon price was again way too high! It is SOOO fun...like I could resist a pony toy?!?! please! ha!

Now this Laugh and Learn Jumperoo is actually still in production and I got it from Walmart (online)...he already has a farm theme Exersaucer that was my neice's, that I know he will LOVE, but I felt he needed the bouncing option too! ;)

So now you know why my child will only be able to recognize a cow, pig, horse, etc.....and maybe a moose! ha! The next step is figuring out where we are going to put all this stuff!!! AHHHH!!!

The Farmer will be welcomed home to this....

Good thing he's handy!! :) And it's not like Merritt is demanding these toys be put together immediately, we'll give him a day or two!!

You can click on the pictures to get the Amazon links to purchase, if you dare ;)


Valentines Day!!

Cupid came to see baby Merritt :)

He got lots of fun stuff!!!

Isn't this cute!?! It has a suction cup thing on the bottom that makes it stand up! Prefect for when he can sit in his Bumbo seat with the play tray!

couldn't resist getting my little "Peep" some Peeps!!

And how fun is the farmer rubber ducky pig!?!?

This is my FAVE!!! Mommy may or may not have taken this out and played with it, just to make sure all trhe parts were there of course! ha! http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=900002&e=storeproduct&pid=28547&section=excl_view_all

This fun little book lights up..have I told yall
how much he LOVES lights!!

And books!!

Momma & Daddy sent us our favorite popcorn!! It has since been devoured! :)

and of course they, and my sissy, sent the babe Valentines happys!! Cousin Cade-o just had to give him that shirt! ha! Oh and that bag is full of Lindt truffles...my Momma always sends these and the Farmer gets soooo excited! ha! They are AMAZING!!!

Hope yall had a fab day of love!! :)


Babys First Boots!!

This little cowboy has quite a few pairs of boots, but none that fit him right now! So I found these little cuties on zappos!!

They are super adorable and he just loves them (can't you tell by his expression?!?!) They are still a little big, but as fast as he is growing, they wont be big for long!!


Babys First Valentines :)


Bouncy Seat Baby



When my sissy and her kiddos were here visiting, we did a mini photoshoot!! Turned out pretty cute :)


And a Happy New Year!! :)


Christmas...better late than never!

Here are the last 3 days of the Elves...

Our stockings Christmas morning!!

The Farmers loot!

My loot!!!

The Farmer got me the creche for my Willow Tree Nativity..this was the big secret gift!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! :)

Looks soo fab all together!! :)

We had Christmas with my Momma when she was here, but of course I didn't take any pics of all the fun stuff we got...I had just had a child, so that will have to be a good enough excuse ;)

Merry Christmas!! :)


Hospital Pics...

I have been meaning to post some pics from the hospital..of course we took a million so this is just a few of my faves :)

Going Home!! :)