Colton is 9 months!! - Hull, IA Photography

Warning, these pictures may want to make you have adorable blond haired, blue eyed boys!! Soo cute!! :) Colton did such a good job..don't you think he is a natural in front of the camera?!?!


I know, I know...

It has been WAY too long!! But I am almost through with the Magazine that has been consuming my life and I am SOOO ready to go home to Mississippi for a whole week!! I am leaving on Saturday morning and have a ton of fun things and photo shoots planned, but you know the blogging until I get back!! Try not to miss me too much!! I promise to come back with full updates and maybe even some new recipes (Momma you better have the Gumbo ready to go!)

I have a photo shoot this afternoon with Colton...remember his 6 month pics? Well now he is 9 months old and due for another session!! Afterwards, the Farmer and I are going out to eat (yea for getting out of the house!) with Colton's parents, who coincidentally are our cousins! :) Hopefully I will get the pictures edited and posted before I head South.

Well that's about all I have to report! I tend to get pretty boring when I have lots of work to do..but doesn't everyone?!?! :)
And just because every blog post needs a pic:

Hugs and kisses...

Emily and Matt, engaged!! Hull, Iowa Photography

It was soo hard to pick which ones to post because I loved them all!! Emily and Will were such a cute couple, both teachers! They braved the cold and had a really great shoot, even though I kept calling Matt the wrong name!! Opps! I'll get it right before July :)


Southern Belle Portraiture - Hull, IA Photography

Do you love my new, amazing, floor/backdrop!?!? It's interchangeable, so I am collecting different patterns and colors like they are going out of style!! Right now I have the damask (shown below), baby blue, soft pink, green/white polka dots, and purple/white polka dots! Can't wait to try them all out!! Check out Caralee Case's blog to get a better idea of what this look is all about! She is AMAZING and was kind enough to give me a few tips! :)

Missing from photo: Your kids!!
Email me to set up a session :)


Happy Valentines Day!!!

We have had a very eventful Valentines Weekend! On Friday, the Farmer and I took off to retrieve the bed from my old apartment (my pre-married roomie, aka wedding fairy, has another girl moving in) so we left early for the eight hour round trip! He surprised me by a antiquing adventure in Walnut, IA (Iowa's Antique City!) I didn't find anything I just had to have, so he took me to Home Depot instead and and we got some wood floors and trim for a new photography backdrop...stay tuned for pics!

I woke up Saturday morning to these beauties from my Farmer!!

aren't they pretty?!?!?


cutest "vase" ever!! perfect for my nightly hot chocolate!! We decided to stay home last night, order pizza, and watch Temple Grandin on HBO! It is such a great movie!! Highly recommend it...especially if you are in agriculture!

I decide to wake up a little early this morning and surprise him with a Valentines Breakfast! Biscuit Donuts!! Click here for previous post on how to make! I used a small heart shaped cookie cutter for the centers...they turned out soo cute and of course yummy!!

I used the new little fryer we got for Christmas from my Momma and Daddy

It is sooo cute!!

frying up!

Mmmmmm soo good...just melts in your mouth!!
Today we are gona have lunch with the Farmer's Family, then go see the Valentines Day movie, soo excited for popcorn!!! Busy week ahead..I have a 4-H photography workshop tomorrow, Discover 4-H Tuesday, 4-H Club Meeting on Thursday, and working on the monthly magazine that is due next week!! I have another engagement session on Saturday morning, so watch for pics!! :) And Happy Valentines Day!!!



Are yall getting sick of my Valentine treats yet?!?! I have been hoarding stuff for my "baking cabinet" and realized I needed to use some more of it before Valentines Day is over!! So here's what I came up with!! Lovecakes anyone?? Ok, lets be honest, these are just plain old, out of the box, strawberry cupcakes....but they do have amazingly cute liners, not to mention homemade pink cream cheese frosting!

from my baking cabinet...had to get one more use out of the sprinkles this year!

love these!

really love these!!

I found this on the Christmas Clearance rack..its red and white icing swirled!

Soo just follow the directions on the box..I added some pink food coloring to make them really bright!

see how pink and pretty they turned out?!?!?

Next you make the frosting (click here for EASY recipe!) then dye it pink, or red, or yellow if you want!! :)

Now decorate until your heart is content!

Once your heart is content..put a few sprinkles on and call it a day :)
I should mention that I put the pink cream cheese frosting in a plastic baggy and cut the tip....this makes it so much easier to frost!! :)


Talan and Ashton - Hull, IA Photography

I got to meet two of the cutest little boys for this fun shoot! Talan brought his pick-up and played with my new one too!! Check out all the gorgeous blue eyes!! :)