Charmed, I'm sure!

I finished the charms for the Charm Cake that will be at the Bridal Brunch! They turned out super cute. For those of you not familiar with the Southern tradition, please check out the info I collected:

Southern wedding cake charms is a tradition that cries out for romance and elegance. Understanding this tradition is part of the fun of selecting wedding cake accessories for your wedding. Wedding charms date back to Victorian times. Tiny charms, typically made of silver with ribbons attached, were placed inside the cake. During the reception, bridesmaids and other attendants pulled the ribbons and charms out of the cake. This little ceremony was called a "cake pull", and it is still practiced today, particularly in the South.

Today, cake pulls aren't just limited to the attendants. Children, parents of the bride and groom, and other guests can all gather around the cake. The ribbons are fanned out, and before the cake is cut, guests pull the ribbons out of the cake. Each charm tells a fortune or prediction for the future and is a quaint memento of the wedding celebration.

If you want to incorporate the southern wedding cake charms tradition into your cake, you'll need to find a baker who understands how the process is done. The charms are not baked inside the cake. Instead they are hidden either in between the cake layers or under the bottom layer, making insertion and removal fairly simple. Satin ribbons are typically used in coordinating colors or a simple white. If you plan on making the cake yourself, keep the following in mind: Bake the cake layers as usual. Ice the cake all over except for the edging. This will be added after the charms and ribbons are inserted. Insert the charms between the cake layers or between the bottom layer and the cake tray. Be sure you insert the charms all around the cake so that the ribbons fan out around the entire perimeter of the cake. Add the rest of the icing around the edges of the cake.

Charm Meanings
This charming tradition is no longer relegated to the actual wedding either. The tradition has worked its way into wedding showers and bridesmaid's parties as well. The charms represent a variety of symbols and depending on the shape of the charm, their meanings include:

Add charming memories to your cake.
Ring: Upcoming marriage
Heart: New love
Kite: Fun and leisurely life
Fleur-de-Lis: Love will blossom, prosperity
Four Leaf Clover: Lucky in life
Anchor: Adventure awaits
Red Bean: Good luck
Star: Wish comes true
Thimble: Spinsterhood
Hot Air Balloon: A life of travel and adventure
Butterfly: Eternal beauty
Wreath: Contented life
Different cake charms sets may include different symbols, or brides may even choose individual charms to coordinate with the wedding theme, such as dolphins, anchors, shells, boats, and fish to use for a beach wedding.
(I made up some of my own too!!)

After the Cake Pull
What happens to the cake pulls after the ceremony is over? The answer solves the question of what to give the bridesmaids as gifts! Many brides buy charm bracelets or silver bangle bracelets that the charms can be added to (i didn't do this, but you gals can buy your own..ha!). Some wedding guests give the charms back to the bride, and she then adds them to a bracelet of her own, creating another wonderful memory of her special day


The thimble means you're the Old Maid, so choose wisley before you pull that ribbon!! :)

9 more days!

until my first non- virtual wedding shower!! Showers to be exact! We are having two showers next Saturday with both sides of Craig's family, AND my family is coming up from Mississippi for the events!! Yea!! I can't wait! I haven't seen them since Christmas. My Momma and Daddy and my sister (the MOH) will be coming along with her two kids! I love, love, love being an Aunt! They are too fun! August Ann (6) is the flower girl and Cade (9) is an usher. When I called JayKay (the MOH) to tell her I was engaged, she put Cade on the phone and the first thing he said was...I wanna be an usher! He is the ring bearer in my brothers wedding in May (in New Orleans - stay tuned for fabulous pics!) so I guess he figured since he turns 10 in June this makes him old enough for a more mature wedding role! haha! He probably has no clue what an usher even is!! It will be soo great to have them all up here and for Easter! I haven't gotten to spend Easter with them since i moved to Montana after college, so this is a fantastic treat!!
Well I am off to get my Passport...I hope this doesn't take more than 4 months because we need them to get to the Bahamas! I can't wait! We are staying here for a week!!!! Craig's parents have a time share, so they gave it to us for a wedding gift! Soo awesome!!

I'm sorry, this seat is taken :)

Yep, you guessed it...I found the sign holders at Hobby Lobby! I'm not sure I will leave the lady bugs on but I love the flowers at the bottom!

Sneak peak!

This is the Welcome Bag for the out of towners! It will be filled with all sorts of fun surprises :)

Semi-Homemade Project

I found a plain black garter belt that had a wretched bow and pearl heart embellishment on it, so I took that off and put some cute ribbon on it, along with a fun tractor and cowboy hat charm!

A tisket a tasket I found cute baskets!

Another Hobby Lobby find! I think I will use them to hold the programs at the ceremony.

Pictures for the reception!

I loved my engagement pictures at the farm so much, I thought we should display some at the wedding. These will be on a table as you walk in the reception, along with the bigger picture of us that will be matted for everybody to sign!

Mint to be...

I'm not sure how familiar everyone is with these cream cheese wedding mints, but every wedding we go to the Farmer gets a plate full and then goes back for more! Since he is getting pretty much no input in the wedding, I though I would allow him this one pleasure :) Usually these mints are shaped like roses or wedding bells, but that just wouldn't do for my shindig, so I found the cutest boot and hat shaped mint molds at a wedding store! And of course the colors had to be lime and pink...this picture doesn't do them justice, but they are the perfect color! My mom-in-law to be whipped up this trial batch over the weekend...I barely got the pictures taken before the Farmer devoured them :)

I did it!!

I actually waited a whole (very long) week and a half to open presents!! The stuff from our Pampered Chef Shower was shipped to Craig's and as I mentioned in a previous post about the tragic card casualty, I vowed to not let him open anymore gifts without far, so good! Ok so this is probably due to the fact that I knew what we were getting anyway, so I really didn't have to resist the urge to yell OPEN IT when he called to say he had received the packages, but still it's the effort that counts :) p.s. Thanks girls for all the fabulous loot!!!
The two huge boxes just waiting to be ripped open!!

I set all the gifts up for a photo shoot, that lasted about 10 minutes ;)

My lovely backdrop: The Farmer, having his morning coffee after chores...not interested in being the photographer's assistant! But very interested in the stuff in the boxes, not happy we can't use any of it until I move in, but very happy I will (stay tuned) be learning to use all the stuff very soon :)

Nuptial Napkins!!

The first set of napkins just arrived (it is like Christmas when the UPS guy comes to my office!) These will go on the cake table!! They match the centerpieces! So fun!

The shoes are in!!

Here are the shoes that I had dyed to go with my wedding dress! Limelight...from Lela Rose at Payless! Fabulous deal!! Can't wait to wear them :)

Colored Crinny?!?!


I have to have it!!! Mara at the The Wedding Cabaret has an ETSY shop and custom dyes crinoline for your wedding dress! This would be perfect for fun a photography session!

This girl below has an orange one and her shoes match!! Soo stinkin cute! Maybe I can get mine to match my lime shoes!!
Photography: Real Photography VIA Adam & Eve Weddings VIA The Wedding Cabaret

RSVP Inquiry?!?!

Here is the RSVP post card! I am trying to decide what fun wording to use? I like what is on this one and I also like this....

__ We'll saddle up and ride on over!
__ Sorry, we're all tied up at the ranch.
any preference?!?!? I can't decide!! :)


I haven't printed the invite yet, but I thought I would give a preview!! All the tabs have Icons and Headings: RSVP, Reception, Travel Info...Of course not everybody will get an invite to the Rehearsal Dinner but there is quite a guest list, so I'm thinking an extra tab would be easier than doing a whole separate invite!

It will fold in the middle, where the white line is, then I will wrap ribbon around it and attach it with a logo sticker! I'm soo excited! The invite isn't final yet..knowing me I will change it around a couple more times but this is the main idea!! :) More pics to come when the assembly process begins!!

For the Bouquets...

I saw this idea in one of the zillion wedding magazine I have accumulated since August 11th. I will make one for each of my bridesmaids then place them on the head table so they have somewhere to put their flowers at the reception! Then afterwards they can take it home as a memento from the big day!! The flowers will not be tulips but this bundle was on sale and who doesn't like fresh flowers in the kitchen! I'm not sold on this vase yet but it's pretty close to perfect!

Weekend Re-cap!

I love Omaha!! :) I had actually been there one other time but just to try on wedding dresses so I didn't get to do anything "touristy." We had the best time! Our hotel was right next to The Old Market District...amazing! Tons of little shops and restaurants...loved it! I had time to make it to Garden Ridge on Friday...sans the Farmer, so I stayed there for about 3 hours checking everything out! I got the bags but they didn't have any vases that I liked and since these days I have been changing my mind so often, I figured they could wait a bit...but I was pretty bummed I could only mark one thing off the list!

On Saturday we went to the Omaha Zoo!! I had been hinting at this for a while but he kept telling me it was closed..I is open year round! He doesn't really care for zoo's because of all the caged up is kinda sad when you think about it, but not sad enough to not go!! They have a FABULOUS aquarium and sea lions...soo cute! I was a little disappointed that there were no flamingos!??! They are my FAVE!! Although we may have just missed them because we may or may not have rushed through the end due to the Farmer being hungry and me being hot!! Sweat really didn't go with my outfit! I have to admit that the best part was getting popcorn! It is the sole reason I go to sporting events and sometimes even the movies!! hehe! Now with that confession, I am off to work! Gotta catch up after having Friday off :)

us at the Old Market District! p.s. Did I ever mention how tall the Farmer is?!?! Like 6'7!

this was just like Jaws, when he bites through the glass and all the people almost drown!

I thought this fella was dead! Then his belly moved!

Just showing off my milking skills!

Long Weekend for Wedding Errands!

Ok so maybe the whole weekend isn't dedicated to wedding stuff but part of it is :) The Farmer has a Feedlot Seminar in Omaha and I am meeting him there to participate in the wine pairing event they have concocted to give the women something to do while the men folk learn about ...hmmmm...feeding cattle, I guess?!?! I would rather just shop, but I was promised a shopping day on Saturday, so I will comply! I mainly just want to go to Garden Ridge! Omaha is the closest place that has one and it is to die for!! Think Hobby Lobby's big bad Daddy! This place is huge!! I need to get some vases and a few more bags for the OOTG Welcome Bags! You can just guess how excited the Farmer is about having to go here...any bets on how long it takes him to beg me to let him go sit in the car and wait?!?!? :)

Latest Project...

The latest project is rolling the silverware in the napkins and putting logo stickers on, to hold them together...this is also going to take FOREVER! Jen and I have many fun nights ahead of us! We chose black heavy duty plastic silverware since the whole atmosphere of the day is very casual and fun! The plates will be hot pink and of course the napkins are lime green! I haven't gotten cups yet but I am leaning towards black. The dinner will be buffet style with pork loin and roast beef (the Farmer raises hogs and cattle so these two proteins were a must - no chicken!!) I also found the cutest pig watermelon display! Maybe for the rehearsal dinner?!?!?

Thank you sooo much Angela @ The Preppy Polka Dot for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award!! This is my very first blog award, I'm so very honored, I feel the need to write a speech but I am just at a loss for words! hehe :)

You must check out Angela's site and her ETSY store...fabulous!!! Thanks again :)

Here are the award rules:List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world are Kreativ!

1. I love my fiance- the Farmer
2. I love pink and green polka dots
3. I love my family and friends
4. I love watching reality TV...I am missing Toddlers and Tiaras now, yikes!
5. I love it when there is no more snow!
6. I love Ft. Worth
7. I love being creative :)

I'm tagging:
Well for now these are my 3 faves!! Maybe i'll save the other 4 for a rainy day :)


Of course there will be tons of Gerber Daisy's everywhere...but for the ceremony I will have mostly magnolias (a nod to the Southern girl in me!) As I mentioned before, the flower girl (my niece and the cutest chick evar) will carry "the flower ball" and the BM's will carry hot pink Gerber daisy's and I want my bouquet to look something like this one!

for the flower girl

minus the orange!

for me!!

Final Fling Before the Ring!!

So my MOH (only sister) and my bridesmaids from back home are have a bachelorette party for me in Ft. Worth in June! I am sooo excited for this, mostly because ever since I was in high school my sister always told me that she was going to take me to the Ft. Worth Stockyards for my bachelorette party and it is actually happening AND because we have not all been together since college! Of course I am a total control freak and have to design everything myself but they aren't letting me have much say so in the actual event...I do know that we are gonna take old west pics at some point I can't wait!!! So this is the draft invite and I'll keep you posted on what else they let slip about the fun filled evening!

busy bee!!

I have been very busy at work today designing and printing (thanks Erin) parts of the program. We have a full service print shop at the design firm I work for...lucky me!!

I have just printed the outside circles for now, since some of the ceremony info is still up in the air. It is gonna take me forever to cut out all those circles but my Mom got me a circle cutter awhile back for scraping so hopefully that will help the job go a bit quicker! The inside part is like an accordion and folds up, this part will have to be glued to the circles. The white part is where all the info will go once I figure it all out! Love it!!

the front


To open or not to open!!

As previously mentioned I live 4 hours from the Farmer, but since I will be moving in with him (in the cutest house ever-that I am currently decorating!) I have opted to send all presents bought off the registries to his house. Well I thought this would be a good idea, so i wouldn't have to lug boxes up and down my stairs (2nd floor apartment) just to take them back to his I said I thought this would be a good idea until the first present arrived!!! I was soo excited when he called to inform me of its arrival, I yelled OPEN IT!!! He did (good boy) then told me what it was - a great steak knife set from my Aunt and Uncle in Louisiana- then the fun was over :( but the worst part is he "accidentally" threw away the box and card!!! My very first and only first wedding present card- gone forever and I never even saw it or opened it!!! Ok I know I am being a bit dramatic, but I am soo sentimental and love to scrapbook everything so I honestly did get pretty upset! Needless to say there will be no more opening of the gifts over the phone...well that is if I can contain my excitement when he calls!

Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?!?!

It crosses mine, daily!! I am soo excited for my bachelorette party with my Mississippi bridesmaids, in my most favorite place!! Here are the T-shirt designs! The backs of the bridesmaids shirts will say Posse, the Maid of Honors will say Deputy and mine will say Sheriff!!


I haven't ordered them yet, but I thought these would be pretty snazzy by the punch (pink and green) and the mints (shaped like boots and hats) Sooo fun and yet another western touch!!

For the OOT Guests!!

I designed this fun wedding packet for the Out of Town Guest...It will be slipped into the fun Welcome Bag I'm working on! This is actually a three page lift the welcome letter up and then you see the itinerary, and when you lift that up you see the fun wedding map!! Can you tell I am totally obsessed with the "M" logo and the western characters of us?!?!?

Fun Project!

Since we will be cutting the cake on top of the cupcake tree, I still needed the serving set. I had a very hard time finding one I I picked up this simple set from Hobby Lobby and wired on some pink and green beads! I think it gives it a nice touch and it was a SUPER easy project :)

The Center of Attention!

My mom and I came up with these mock ups of the centerpieces! The tablecloths are black (The Farmer's mom found them (linen-like black table cloths) online, I can't tell you how long we looked for black where to be found in NW Iowa!!) So this gives you a good idea of what they will look like! There are 36 tables...we will have 12 of each of these and 12 of another idea we are working on! I will post pictures when we get it figured out! We found the flowers, buckets, and ribbon at Hobby Lobby...I seriously go there at least once a week!

My girls!!

I thought I would share some of the fun things I am giving my girls! My fabulous mom (she and the rest of my family live in Mississippi so this has been a challenge to plan a wedding in Iowa, but everything is really coming together with her, my sister, and my wonderful Mother-in-laws [to be] help!) found the bags and matching umbrellas (fun photo op for wedding day!) and I made all the girls a luggage tag too. I found the fun beads and jewelry boxes and made them all a pair of earrings to go with their dresses. I also found plain black flip flops at Old Navy and jazzed them up with cute flowers, now they will have something to slip on and get ready to party the night away!