It's done!!

My entry nook/locker/cubby whatever you call it, is done!! I found the perfect turquoise locker-esque baskets for the top cubbys at Hobby Lobby! I picked the last one up today and took both boys with myself! This was a huge step for me and I now feel a little less imprisoned and little more like I can rule the world!! ha!! I found the top iron piece at the Hob Lob too! I just adore how it turned out!! Now everybody has a basket for their winter gloves/hats/scarves!!

their adorbs little backpacks on their hooks!!

The Farmer and I have to share a basket :)

this makes me have visions of them in school...I might have to take them down!! hehe :)

Kansas City Day Two!

On the second (and last) day, we went to the Sea Life Aquarium and then had lunch at the T-Rex Cafe! Again, both were super fun! Kansas City has so many fun things to do! It's not really halfway for us too meet up, but at least neither of us had to drive the whole way! We are thinking of checking out St. Louis for Spring Break next year! Stay tuned :)

waiting for the aquarium!

c'mon Cade!!!

loving the lights and water!

build a Lego sand castle!

they had a play area in the aquarium!

found some more Lego peeps!

T-Rex Cafe!! VERY neat..and yummy!!

a little scary at first!!

had to take a swim in the hotel pool!


The Train Ride!

 We have been soo excited about this train ride all summer and it did not disappoint!! We took the evening ice cream ride on Belton Grandview and Kansas City Railroad Co.!! It was SOO fun and the people were super nice! Merritt is still talking about it! What a sweet memory that we will never forget!
matching train outfits!! 

Cade-o and Coy!!


Daddy with his boys!!

McCoy needed a nap before the big ride!

I made Merritt a big ticket, kind of like the ones on Polar Express, he is always talking about train tickets and thinks all paper that size is a ticket!

he was soo stoked about it!!

he held on to it for dear life!!

The Merritt Express!!

JayJay and August Ann!!

The conductor was soo nice! He came by and punched Merritt's ticket!! It pretty much made his life!! :)

time for the ice cream!!

family pic on the train!!

shaking hands!!

he was being shy!

showing JayJay the train!

blowing the whistle!

diaper babies at the hotel!!

If you are ever in the Kansas City area and you have a train loving boy, you should for sure check out this ride!! We loved every minute!! :)