Life Lately!

 Here are some pics that have been collecting on my phone! Enjoy :)

We love Mr. Potato Head! My Momma brought him this cute safari set for his big brother happy!

He really likes Paw Patrol, and is obsessed with this dozer at The Walmart and calls it Rubble!!

Mater!! This Mater was in a parade, then they parked at the Ford dealership, Merritt freaked out every time we passed, so we finally stopped so he could take his picture with it!

When you ask him what Mater says, he answers "Tractors is so duuuuuummmbb!!!"

My First Matey!

We had an outdoor adventures 4-H meeting the other fun! I love a campfire and smores!!

Shirts for 4th of July and the train ride! My niece is coming up next week to stay with us for 3 weeks! We are going to take her to Kansas City to meet up with my Sissy to drop her back off, so while there we are going to take them on a real train ride with ice cream!! I can't wait to see the look on Merritt's face, we have been talking about it for months! Anytime we get out of the car he says "ride train?!?!"  He is having a serious train phase!! :) We are going to Yankton/lakes for the 4th with The Farmer's family...wonder how long they will keep their shirts on before Merritt begs to jump in the pool!! don't worry i'll take lots of pics!


wearing his boots to Story Time!

He picked this cookie out at the bakery...he still loves whales and sharks/sea animals.  It is so cute the way he says whale..sounds like weeeeeellllllll!!  We are planning to take him to Sea World in San Antonio in September (while we are home in Mississippi visiting) so any time I am on the phone with my Daddy (whom he calls Whoop) he says "Whoop see weeelllsss!!"  over and over!! Safe to say he has him wrapped around his finger :)

now you think I would learn to not get the black/dark icing cookies!!! Ugghhh!!!

I wont even go into the nightmare meltdown that ensued when I had to clean him up and take the cookie away....lets just say I pray it never happens again!! :)

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