Yankton, SD - 4th of July!!l

We got back tonight and I can't sleep, so I decided to share all the fun pics!! And for some reason they aren't in order! boo!! :)  We stay here http://www.lewisandclarkpark.com/ so when we pulled up Merritt saw all the boats and water he freaked out yelling BOAT, BOAT!! Needless to say the Farmer had to take him to see them right away! He has been here before, but not since he was 6 months old, so everything was new to him! We had tons of fun and I even got some smiles out of my picture hating 2 year old!! 

watching Westerns in the hotel room or "little house" as we now call it!

first ride together in the stroller!!

McCoy is just thankful there is a barrier between them! ha!

waiting for the fireworks show!

he loves glow sticks!

we parked on the dam and watched the fireworks over the water! They were amazing!

acting scared!!

McCoy was more interested in his bottle :)

I couldn't get any really good pics :(

Time for a swim!! Their matching suits were too adorable!!  Merritt was not happy we had to stop and take ANOTHER picture! Bless his heart, somebody tell him his Momma is obsessed and it's only gonna get worse!

I thought he was never going to get in!

not too sure about it!

finally having so much fun!

little fish!

McCoy had to get his toes wet!

The Farmer and his Sis with the babes!


so brave!

mad he couldn't swim more :)  tehehe!

The Farmer's Family! All the Vermeers (his Momma's side of the family) come here every summer (for over 20 years!) very fun tradition! There are a ton of us when we all get together, with lots of little kids, so Merritt had a blast!

Family pic (it's not a family pic unless Merritt doesn't smile!) by the lake!! It is soo gorgeous! 
pics in their 4th of July shirts before we left!

he was so excited that they both had stars on their shirts! 


little firecracker!

Blowing bubbles!  Those pinwheels were actually from our wedding, I was trying to tell Merritt that and he said "no weddin, it Merritt's!!" Ugghh! He is a mess!

fun with Uncle Adam!

playing with cousin Asher!

checking out baby Lydia!

these pajamas were soo stinkin cute!!

and who doesn't love a tush with a star?!?!


Mommy's Little Firecrackers!!

I love McCoy's face in this one..he's saying "save me!!!" ha!

"save me NOWW!"

lots of fun in the hotel!!

pretty excited about the horses!

We ate a ton of yummy food and and made lots of memories! Now on to the laundry and unpacking! My Daddy, sissy, and niece will be here Tuesday, so lots to do before then! Hope everyone had a great 4th!! Happy Summer!!

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