McCoy Everett Moss is here!

Technically he was here on May 19th at 5:55pm, but I have been pretty much checked out of life since then! I ended up having a c-section and the recovery has been less than desirable, but I'm happy to report I am on the mend (crossing fingers!) so hopefully I will be able to get back to blogging and just life in general! :) My Momma and Daddy came up from Mississippi when he was born and my Momma has been here ever since, no way I could have done it without her, so grateful she was able to be here! My sissy and niece are coming up on Tuesday, then they are all going home on Sunday, pretty much dreading that moment at this point but I'm sure I'll get the hang of these two sweet/demanding boys soon enough :) 

He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces (same as Merritt!) and was 20 inches long. We went for a one week check on Thursday and he was 8 pounds 7 ounces!! He looks just like big brother Merritt and is a GREAT baby! He really only cries when he's hungry (just like Merritt did) and is such a good eater (our little piggy). He is waking up one to two times at night which is so nice! As of now, he is eating 3 oz every 3ish hours during the day, then going to bed around 9:30 and waking up around 3:30ish to eat, then back up at 7:00, hopefully this routine will stick for awhile and he will be sleeping through the night in no time!! (crossing fingers again!!) Merritt was not really interested at first, but now is wanting to help out a little! He likes to put his wubby (pacifier) back in his mouth and rock his seat when he cries. I think he is going to be an awesome big brother! 

Here are some pics from the hospital!

first kiss!

opening his big brother bag!

loved it! He carried it with him every time they came back to the hospital to visit, filled with his favorite tractors and cars of course!

newborn McCoy!

with Grandma and Grandpa!

with Whoop!

with Honey!

sweet brothers!

not too sure!?!

Lil bro!

with Great Grandma Vermeer!!

with Aunt JoJo and cousin Lydia!

soo tired!!

with Great Grandma Moss!

His wreath that Honey brought him all the way from Mississippi!

finally ready to go home!!

Thanks so much to all our family and friends for visiting, gifts, and food!! We love you all! :)


This and That!

Life has just been moving right along for us....planting, Mother's Day, watching Frozen, and waiting on a baby has filled our time lately. Here are a few pics :)

pretty excited to ride with Daddy!

nice smile Farmer!!

I went to pick him up about an hour after this and he told me he was a "tough guy" Ohh the conversations they must have in the tractor!!
Mommy and her little "Farm Boy" on Mother's Day, heading out to the new Dairy Queen for supper...nothing but class here!! :)

Mother's Day pedicure! Blue toenails for McCoy!!

Hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!!

I had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things and thought it would be fun to let him ride in the little car....for the record, this beast of a cart, along with a 9 month baby bump is not a good combo!! He had a ball though!

I still check on him every night before I go to bed..this is how I found him the other night...bless his heart!! :)



Today was Merritt's last day of Kindermusik! The Farmer got to come and see all the fun stuff he has learned!! I wasn't sure, with planting being in full swing, if he would be able to come or not, but I am so thankful he got to slip away for a little bit! There is no way this preggo was going to be able to get up and down, and up and down, and up and down to do all the activities without dying!! haha!! The Farmer actually took him last week too since it was raining (no planting when it's raining) and I had a doc appointment, so it was nice to have two weeks off from huffing and puffing!! Such a good Daddy :)

ball play!

pick up, clean up!

parachute fun!

loves to get under the parachute!!

playing different instruments!

5 little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!! Merritt loves this! Mrs. Heidi gives them little monkey finger puppets to sing the song with. So fun!

ribbon fun!

The Farmer doing the moves to the "stop" song!! 

This video is from the end of class when he gets his sticker! We had quite the time with this at the beginning of the year..he always wanted to keep his sticker and not put it on his name tag! He is such a big boy now :) We love Kindermusik!!