Derby Day!

With the Farmer out planting, I didn't do anything very special this year for the Derby, but I just couldn't resist making Kentucky Derby pie!! I went ahead and made two, since I just had to throw away the other frozen pie crust from the double pack I got last year for this recipe!! Guess I need to make more pies :)

so very yummy!!


when Merritt (and Mommy!) woke up from his nap we started watching the coverage and coloring Derby pictures!!

very fun!

Mommy's and Merritt's silks!

He loved watching the races and kept yelling RUN horsey RUNNN!!! We kept it super classy and had frozen pizza for supper and are now watching Ratatouille on ABC family. We'll see what Merritt thinks of the pie pretty soon :) Hope you all had a fun Derby Day!! :)

No baby yet (obviously!), I go back to doc on Monday stay tuned!!

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