Today was Merritt's last day of Kindermusik! The Farmer got to come and see all the fun stuff he has learned!! I wasn't sure, with planting being in full swing, if he would be able to come or not, but I am so thankful he got to slip away for a little bit! There is no way this preggo was going to be able to get up and down, and up and down, and up and down to do all the activities without dying!! haha!! The Farmer actually took him last week too since it was raining (no planting when it's raining) and I had a doc appointment, so it was nice to have two weeks off from huffing and puffing!! Such a good Daddy :)

ball play!

pick up, clean up!

parachute fun!

loves to get under the parachute!!

playing different instruments!

5 little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!! Merritt loves this! Mrs. Heidi gives them little monkey finger puppets to sing the song with. So fun!

ribbon fun!

The Farmer doing the moves to the "stop" song!! 

This video is from the end of class when he gets his sticker! We had quite the time with this at the beginning of the year..he always wanted to keep his sticker and not put it on his name tag! He is such a big boy now :) We love Kindermusik!!

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