Little People!

We decided it was time to get the Christmas Little People out this morning! Merritt's faves were Santa's sleigh and the train. McCoy loved the Angel that plays music on the Nativity set! 

I love getting these out! We have collected quite a few over the years! 

We have the main Nativity Set..

and the Shepherd Set that goes with it!

The Tree Lighting Set...the tree lights up and plays music!

The Christmas Train!!

Twas The Night Before Christmas Set

Visit From Santa Set

So much fun to pull these out every year...hours of fun! :)


Jolly Day 3!

Today, Jolly brought a holiday themed breakfast!! So fun! I was going to make cinnamon rolls too, but the boys were more than satisfied with the cookie cereal..imagine that!! ha! :)


Jolly Day 2!

Today, Jolly brought The Santa Clause Movies (These are some of my faves, so glad to have them in our collection!) and new Christmas jammies! How cute are they?!?! Baaa-la-la-la-la!! :)



these matching little boys and my pink and green tree!!


Christmas Book Countdown!

I got all the bags done (more about that here)! Whew! We started reading them last night and Merritt thinks it is so fun!! The first one was Llama Llama Holiday Drama, which he loved (got it from his Scholastic book order for $1 -crazy good deal!)!! The Llama Llama books are his favorite to get from the library, so I knew this would be the perfect book to start our countdown! 

Tonight we read the book before McCoy went to bed (we forgot to read it before I put him down last night! Ooops!) So much fun to see them enjoying this together!


Movie and a Ride!

Yesterday afternoon we took Merritt to see The Good Dinosaur. It was soo fabulous! Loved it! As we were getting our tickets, we saw the mall train that runs on Saturdays during the holidays...Merritt freaked out, luckily there was one car left, so he jumped in for a quick ride before the movie! Perfect day! :)


Gallery Wall!

I finally got my gallery wall updated with our new pics, love how it turned out!! :)