Christmas Movies!

We have been watching a few Christmas movies here and there on Netflix, and this morning I decided to get out our Christmas DVDs and put them all in a festive box on the TV stand for easy access!

Wish I had done this for the halloween movies, because we forgot to watch a few of them since they were in the drawer!

Merritt LOVES Rudolph but only the old classic one with Bumble (known in our house as bigfoot!) so we watched that this morning, then he saw the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD and just had to watch it too!

First he called it Brownie (a mix of Charlie Brown and Snoopy I guess?!) then when it started, he said "oh there is Smookly!!" ...ummm you mean Snoopy?? haha! He is really into the Peanuts gang since he has been seeing all the advertising for the new movie, we aren't going to see it though, we are waiting for the Good Dinosaur movie instead! Comes out around Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I thought I would just share our little movie collection with yall! We are going to work on expanding it this year! The boys are getting some new ones from Jolly and the Elves (Arthur Christmas, Elmo Saves Christmas, Toy Story That Time Forgot, and The Santa Clause!) Maybe The Farmer and I will get a few for us too..stay tuned! :)

Merritt thinks he needs to do everything all by himself and starting the movie is no exception...I told him to push the big circle to make it play, when it didn't work, I said you have to point to the TV, so he did....oh my, this kid!!

Merry Christmas in November! :)


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