This and That!

Thought I would share some random phone goes!

We made these yummy cookies last weekend (recipe here!)

Merritt often asks to have rest time (aka laying down and watching a movie) instead of nap...sometimes it ends up like this! Neither of us is ready for him to give up his nap! :)

I started on the Christmas Book countdown bags...

I love them, just wish I had them all done!

This babe is obsessed with his hat..just like big brother!

Merr came in the living room other night declaring he was Underpants Man!!! We died..this kid keeps it interesting!!

Our pup Zip got his foot broken by a cow this summer and is finally all better and out of confinement!! The boys missed him so much!!

He does NOT stay in the house, but we let him in for a few minutes this morning so the boys could love on him :)

The biggest news today is that we booked a Christmas train ride!!
Woohoo!! My train obsessed little boy is beyond excited!! We went on one last year and it was pretty much horrible (Merr didn't know the difference, but we did!), I didn't think there were anymore options for a Polar Express type experience close to us, so I had all but given up! I was soo excited when I actually find one in St. Paul while searching this morning!!! It's four hours away, which I guess isn't super close, but it's close enough for a day trip! They have a train Museum for kids, pics with Santa, and other fun stuff too!! Merritt has been asking about "riding a santa train" for months and I think McCoy will really love it this year too!! Can't wait!!


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