Turkey Time!

We put away halloween and have slowly added all of the turkeys to our decor!

I found this at our pharmacy, it's little turkey push-ins! So cute!!

My Momma got me these turkey push-ins when we were in Branson a few years ago! It is so adorable...it doesn't look exactly right since the bumpy pumpkin made it hard to push in the feathers, but oh well!

I have had these pilgrim turkeys since we got married, love them!

happy little turkey!!

give thanks!!

This, of course, is not a turkey but my little turkeys will not let me put it away!! Guess we need to find a light up turkey or maybe we should go ahead and put out the new light up Christmas pig!!

Speaking of turkeys..these two were a complete disaster in Target the other day!! Silly me for thinking that since they were good in Sams a while back, we could try it again!! AHHH!

Silly-er me for getting one hotdog and one order of chicken bites (note to self- always get them the same thing!!) McCoy clearly wanted the chicken bites, since he promptly screamed and threw his hotdog on the floor after I handed it to him!! Ughh! Thank goodness it was still wrapped! A few sips of Mommy's Diet Coke made him all better but it didn't help Merr, who thought he had to have a slushie and refused to ride in the buggy...After threatening to write a letter to Santa recounting his behavior, he hopped in and ate his lunch of half chicken bites and half  hotdog...these boys turkeys are gonna make me go gray (more gray!!)

In the end I was able to check out the Halloween Clearance and all the cute new Christmas decor...so I guess it wasn't a complete disaster!! :)

Happy Saturday!


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