Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

My sweet baby (Merritt) is sick there anything worse than a sick child?!? Bless his heart! Anywho, he took an extra long nap today, so I got some wrapping done! McCoy's are in Toy Story wrapping and Merritt's are in Monsters Inc!! Merritt noticed them right away when he woke up, but hasn't touched them yet, mainly because I threatened to put them in the trash if he did!!! Now I have them shoved all the way in the back, so hopefully they will stay intact for 26 more days!!

Their big gifts are tools, middle size is books, and the little ones are games (Merr-card games/Coy-ring sorter). I have one more small one for both of them to wrap, but it still hasn't come in yet! Eecckk!

They asked Santa to bring them an easel and art stuff! ;)  Merritt also wished for a Leap Pad, some board games, and a few fun surprises! McCoy just wants cuddles, but I'm sure Santa will bring him something too! :) Our elf on the shelf, Jolly, comes to see us tomorrow night...we can't wait!! I decided not to do an advent calendar like I did last year, Jolly is just going to bring surprises instead! Of course I will keep you updated with all the excitement! 

I can't remember if I told yall this already or not, but next weekend we are going to do a Polar Express-esque train ride!! Merritt is so stoked (and so am I!!!) They get to wear their jammies, drink hot chocolate, and meet Santa!! He absolutely adores the movie (we watch it all year round) and of course you know he is obsessed with trains!! Can't wait!!! He is gonna totally freak out!! Score one for mommy!! :) 

Big Boy Merritt!!

The time to switch McCoy to the convertible car seat is looming, so we had to figure out which seat we would transition Merritt into. After tons of research, I chose this Britax Pioneer! Wish they made these boosters in cowmooflage, like our other seats (I'm a Britax believer!), but sadly it's not an option! boo! 

Merritt picked this kiwi color, with a little help from Mommy ;)  He loves his new seat and thinks he's such a big kid! 

It transitions to a seat belt booster when he is 4+ and 40 pounds (and other heights specs), but he can stay in the harness until he is 70 pounds! I'm a huge car seat nazi and want to keep him in a harness as long as possible, so I'm glad he likes it! My fam thinks I'm crazy town when it comes to buckling them in and installing the seats, but as long as my babies are safe, I don't really care! hehe! They are VERY precious cargo afterall! Plus, I'm pretty much crazy in general, so this should be no different!! ha!  :)

Can't wait to see how it works out on our big road trip to Mississippi!! :)


Big Boy Coy!

Tonight, after Coy had his baby food, we decided to see how he would do drinking out of a straw sippy and trying a few puffs!! He really liked chewing on the straw and even got some water in his mouth, but his favorite was the puffs!! I didn't think he would be able to pick them up, but he is pretty good with those pincher fingers! Better start vacuuming more and watching what Merritt leaves laying around!! Watch out world :)

better get him some stickers with his name for his sippys!! :)


Thanksgiving Day!

We started Thanksgiving Day with our tradition of watching the parade on TV!! Merritt really loved it this year! Then we headed to eat lunch with The Farmer's family and wibble wobbled home!! Last night, we carried on with our other tradition of watching Home Alone! It used to always come on TV on Thanksgiving night, so growing up we loved to watch it! The first time I came to Iowa to visit The Farmer was Thanksgiving so I made him watch it with me, and we have done it ever since! Ohh the memories! :)

My Momma sent this to Merritt for his first Thanksgiving, but he wasn't really drinking bottles then and I didn't want him to wreck it with baby food, so he never wore it! Lucky for McCoy, I saved it and he got to wear it for his first Thanksgiving!! It is soo gorgeous (can bibs be gorgeous?!?!) It is made by Mud Pie but I'm not sure you can get it anymore?

Big boy sitting at the kids table...and not wanting Mommy to take pictures!! hehe :)

McCoy had to sit with Mommy and Daddy! :) 

And this is what happens when you don't bring and extra pair of pants for your (almost) three year old!!

the end!! :)

Merry Kissmass!!

I wanted to make a little "happy" for my MOPS group for Christmas and loved this adorable idea I found on Pinterest!! Turned out soo cute!! :)


Turkey Time!!

This babe is ready for turkey! Look at those tiny precious teeth!! :)


McCoy Six Months Santa Baby!


Kindermusik Celebration!!

Tonight was Merritt's Kindermusik celebration! It's fun to show off everything he has learned, but I hate doing all the stuff in front of people! haha!!

I love when he runs and gives me high fives after he "picks up, cleans up"

He loves dancing with these ribbons and trying to hit me with them!!

parachute fun!!

I kept jumping out of the way so I wouldn't be in any of the pics The Farmer was taking!! haha!! 

obstacle course fun!!

Time for their guests to play "instruments" with them!! The Farmer and Merr making music! :)

Grandma came to see him too!! Playing maracas!

Even McCoy was there to watch all the fun!

rocking away!

Such a fun night! So proud of my big boy who has come such a long way from last year when he would run away instead of doing the activities and cried when he couldn't keep his attendance sticker!!  :) Next semester, he will move up to 3-4 year old class, where I will drop him off and he will have to listen and follow the rules without me telling him to!! EEeeckkk!! Stay tuned! :)

Sweet Brothers


It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!!

We put the tree up when the boys were napping and seeing Merritt's face when he woke up was the BEST! So fun seeing the magic in his eyes!! He absolutely loved helping hang the ornaments, he had a bit of an issue with spreading them out, but other than that he did great! So fun having the house filled with Christmas cheer!! :)

had to stand in his chair so he could see all the ornaments!

Merritt's contribution!! ha! There are so many more behind these in the front!! So silly!

I adore my pink and green tree!! Lots of pigs, cowboys/cowgirls, boots, tractors, glitter, and polka dots!! Perfect!! My favorites to collect are the glass, hand painted, breakable ones! Not sure their official name but I just think they are soo gorgeous! Hope we make it until December 25th with no broken ones!! :) 

soo annoyed that I took McCoy's stocking to be monogrammed and the font is bigger than the others!! I wish they were all that big! boo!! Oh well! :)

my pink tree must have gotten crunched! I didin't notice until I looked at this pic!

I have western/red stuff in the kitchen!

entry way!

my decorating is so crazy! Pink and Green in living room and entry and red in the kitchen and dining room!! haha! 

Love my Willow Tree Nativity in the bay window!!