Turkey Day Tee Pees!!

These are a bit intense to make, but very fun, and surprisingly yummy!! Here is the tutorial I followed!!

What's the big deal?!!?

he put the cone straight in the cupcake mix, and declared it a castle!! Never a dull moment folks!!

Then proceeded to eat it!
He got a hair cut yesterday..it never fails I get upset every time! I hate it when he looks like such a big kid! I miss those little curls that we cut off almost two years ago!! :(

hot mess, but I rescued them, not to worry!!

dipping in the sprinkles!

Now I'm a history nut, so I am aware that the Wampanoag Indians, from the first Thanksgiving, actually lived in wigwams not tee pees, but this is fun and Merritt is still running around talking about how he made Indian houses..so I'm ok with not being historically accurate, but it's a decision you have to make for yourself!! ha! 

I thought her post below was hilarious!! Happy Friday :)

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