Being a kid again!!

One of the perks of having kids, is being able to be a kid again!! hehe! I was searching for some movies that we haven't seen, to put in Merritt's stocking, and came across this one!! We LOVE movie nights in this house, and we need some fresh material (more for me and The Farmer than for Merr, he would watch the same thing every night if we could stand it!!)

An American Tail and Fievel Goes West!

These were some of my faves growing up! I don't even think we ever had them on vhs, I just remember my Ma (my Momma's Momma, that lived in Louisiana) took us to see them! She was the best! We would get to stay with her and my Pa for a week during the summer and she ALWAYS took us to the movies! Then after, we got to eat at the mall food court! This was big time for a little kid...clearly, since I'm 30-something and still remember it like it was yesterday!! Of course we would choose McDonald's and get the prize that coincided with whatever movie we saw!

 She passed away when I was in the 6th grade, but I will never forget all my sweet memories of her! To this day doughnut holes (she always brought us these when they came to visit), Popeyes chicken (also brought everytime they came!) and Wrigley's double-mint gum remind me of her! She also had a big yellow bag that she carried with her when they came to visit and it had the most fun prizes in it...just for us! We LOVED that yellow bag and our Ma! I totally get my love of shopping from her! In addition to movies, she always took us shopping, every time I was with her I got a new pair of Keds (do they still make Keds...were those a southern thing??)...and most of the time a matching purse too!! So blessed to be named after her and hope one day I'm half as fun as she was!!

So of course when I saw the double movie dvd for five bucks on Amazon I snatched it up!! And even though I got it for Christmas, I just couldn't resist watching it right away! Funny how an old movie just transports you right back to that happy time :) 

This is my Ma turning me into a Christmas present! :)


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