Tour of Homes!!

I am getting SOO into the Christmas spirit!! I went with the besties last night to the Tour of Homes! It was so fun! We used to do this when I lived in Montana, but all the houses were on the historic register and were completely decorated for Christmas, like every room! It was FABULOUS!! The houses last night were not historic, but it is still fun to see how different houses are designed and decorated! The last house we went to was on the golf course, so I thought it would be fancy smancy, and it was, but it also had a TON of antique stuff that I adored! And it even had a craft room...I'm talking wall to wall counter space, color coded thread, everything organized in labeled bins..yall, I almost died right there!! I was very tempted to ask the home owner to adopt me! :) hehe! After the tour we had Mexican and enjoyed eating and laughing without little hands wiping food on us!!

We are dancing to Christmas music and watching it snow from our nice, warm house today! Happy Saturday!! :)

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