Big Boy Merritt!!

The time to switch McCoy to the convertible car seat is looming, so we had to figure out which seat we would transition Merritt into. After tons of research, I chose this Britax Pioneer! Wish they made these boosters in cowmooflage, like our other seats (I'm a Britax believer!), but sadly it's not an option! boo! 

Merritt picked this kiwi color, with a little help from Mommy ;)  He loves his new seat and thinks he's such a big kid! 

It transitions to a seat belt booster when he is 4+ and 40 pounds (and other heights specs), but he can stay in the harness until he is 70 pounds! I'm a huge car seat nazi and want to keep him in a harness as long as possible, so I'm glad he likes it! My fam thinks I'm crazy town when it comes to buckling them in and installing the seats, but as long as my babies are safe, I don't really care! hehe! They are VERY precious cargo afterall! Plus, I'm pretty much crazy in general, so this should be no different!! ha!  :)

Can't wait to see how it works out on our big road trip to Mississippi!! :)


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