Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

My sweet baby (Merritt) is sick there anything worse than a sick child?!? Bless his heart! Anywho, he took an extra long nap today, so I got some wrapping done! McCoy's are in Toy Story wrapping and Merritt's are in Monsters Inc!! Merritt noticed them right away when he woke up, but hasn't touched them yet, mainly because I threatened to put them in the trash if he did!!! Now I have them shoved all the way in the back, so hopefully they will stay intact for 26 more days!!

Their big gifts are tools, middle size is books, and the little ones are games (Merr-card games/Coy-ring sorter). I have one more small one for both of them to wrap, but it still hasn't come in yet! Eecckk!

They asked Santa to bring them an easel and art stuff! ;)  Merritt also wished for a Leap Pad, some board games, and a few fun surprises! McCoy just wants cuddles, but I'm sure Santa will bring him something too! :) Our elf on the shelf, Jolly, comes to see us tomorrow night...we can't wait!! I decided not to do an advent calendar like I did last year, Jolly is just going to bring surprises instead! Of course I will keep you updated with all the excitement! 

I can't remember if I told yall this already or not, but next weekend we are going to do a Polar Express-esque train ride!! Merritt is so stoked (and so am I!!!) They get to wear their jammies, drink hot chocolate, and meet Santa!! He absolutely adores the movie (we watch it all year round) and of course you know he is obsessed with trains!! Can't wait!!! He is gonna totally freak out!! Score one for mommy!! :) 

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