Zip the Dog!!

We have been without a dog for awhile, and are soo excited to have Zip join our little fam! Yes, another boy!! Ha! He is a border collie, born in February, and is bred to be a cow dog. He is super smart and knows all his commands, but most importantly he's gorgeous and a big sweetie!! ;) Merritt loves him and hasn't stopped asking about him! We went out to eat with The Farmer's family tonight to celebrate a successful harvest and as soon as we got home Merritt just had to hug Zip again, and I just had to get some pics!!

Since we were running late and I didn't have time for the usual five minute-plus fiasco that goes down when I try to get a pic of them together, I didn't think I was going to get a shot of these adorable shirts, but The Farmer picked them both up to take them to the car and my camera was sitting on the counter, so I grabbed it and yelled SMILE!! Perfect pic!! 

when we got home...McCoy wasn't sure what to think!

a little lick!!

ALL my boys!! :)


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