Snow Day!

I finally gave in, after he asked all day yesterday and begged this morning, I let him suit up and explore the snow!! Of course he loved it! I am just not a snow/winter weather person...every year I feel like that Southern girl that has never seen snow before and I just hide inside, even though this is my 11th winter in a cold weather state! Crazy! When I was counting it up, I even doubted myself!! I guess I will never get used to it!! Nonetheless, Merritt thinks it is fun, so good thing it's second nature to The Farmer! Here are few pics I snapped while standing right outside the garage door!! hehe!!:)

his snow suit and boots from last year still fit...for now!! 

snow ball fight!!

this is him waving bye to me!! "See ya!!"

loving to watch his tracks!

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  1. I feel you. Joseph's school had a 2 hr delay and I decided to just keep him home. However, after the 5th time he asked to build a snowman, I took him to school. Maybe when his dad gets back in town (he's only been out of town since basically October 6th). They can like the snow together. James only likes it for about 3 minutes. I can handle that. :) I need to get farther south!!!