Kindermusik Celebration!!

Tonight was Merritt's Kindermusik celebration! It's fun to show off everything he has learned, but I hate doing all the stuff in front of people! haha!!

I love when he runs and gives me high fives after he "picks up, cleans up"

He loves dancing with these ribbons and trying to hit me with them!!

parachute fun!!

I kept jumping out of the way so I wouldn't be in any of the pics The Farmer was taking!! haha!! 

obstacle course fun!!

Time for their guests to play "instruments" with them!! The Farmer and Merr making music! :)

Grandma came to see him too!! Playing maracas!

Even McCoy was there to watch all the fun!

rocking away!

Such a fun night! So proud of my big boy who has come such a long way from last year when he would run away instead of doing the activities and cried when he couldn't keep his attendance sticker!!  :) Next semester, he will move up to 3-4 year old class, where I will drop him off and he will have to listen and follow the rules without me telling him to!! EEeeckkk!! Stay tuned! :)

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