The First Reveal!!

Let me preface this post by stating: The room is not complete!! So please don't judge, I debated whether or not to post pics until I had everything in place but yall know me...I have zero patience!! Soo here we go!! Oh and also, these pics are wretched and I despise that big ugly brown closet...but "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow." (Name that movie!! Hint: It's one of my ALL TIME faves! hehe)

Here is the before....

and this is the after!!

I Love the yellow (it looks soo amazing in person!) and I love the quilt! I just need to find the perfect bed skirt, curtains, and lamps to pull it all together!! At the moment I am thinking yellow and white damask or stripe curtains and turquoise lamps! Or maybe some gingham/plaid? I really want to incorporate more prints..I'm not sure how this is all gonna turn out but you can bet you will find out!! :) Here is some idea pics....

I am meeting my fam in Branson, MO later this month and hope to get the chance to swing by Home Goods!! I have heard such amazing things about it but alas, there is not one around here! There are also a ton of outlet malls and other fun shopping around Branson, so I'm hoping to come home with lots of treasures to complete the room!! :)


This and That!!

First of all...sorry for the absence, but I have been at my main office this week working on a magazine and am just now getting back to reality! While there, I scored some MAJOR loot!!! Girl Scout Cookies!! I had ordered them from a co-workers little girl in January and have been dreaming of them ever since!! By chance, they happened to come in while I was in the office!! How lucky can one girl be?!?!?! :)

I curbed the urge to rip open every box and give each a try...I knew the Farmer would probably cry if I came home with empty boxes!! I did, however, open up the Lemonades. I had never had these and just couldn't resist! They were super yummy, but even better when I got home, put them in the freezer and ate them cold, per suggestion of Catherine, a fellow photographer/blogger (check out her and her hubby's site amazing!!)

I now realize I should have gotten 3 boxes of each and rationed them out so I could enjoy the deliciousness throughout the year..maybe I will remember this for next time!

While I was away, my quilt and shams came in!! I am in LOVE!!! They are soo fabulous!!
I was so excited to paint, I actually got up early, on a Saturday {gasp!} and went to the Hardware Store to pick out the perfect color! I wanted the bright yellow color in the quilt and found a match called Gold Tiara...magnificent ;)

I got the Farmer to tape off the ceilings and edges, since I was only painting one wall, then I went to town! I finished the wall, then painted the picture frames turquoise, along with painting some "M" wall hangings in the Gold Tiara as well!! All this, while stopping every 30 minutes to do some work on the magazine I mentioned earlier! I am a multi-tasking fool!! :) Now I am washing the sheets I got to match the new bedding (turquoise) then will try to put the room back together! I still have a lot to do until it's completely finished, but this is a great start!!! I will share pics soon!!


Cade is One!! - Hull, IA Photography

Another cutie to adore! We caught some sweet smiles from this little guy..check out my faves!


Cute Little Carston!! - Hull, IA Photography

I know this little cutie is full of smiles and fun faces, and boy did he deliver!! Check out some of my faves :)


More Changes!!

Soo I have finally decided to make the bedroom fabulous!! It's just sort of ho hum blah....we all knew it was only a matter of time before I had to fix that!!

This is what it looks like now...well not now, this pic was taken shortly after we got married and I moved in! Now there are clothes and general mess everywhere, but it's not like I'm gonna show yall a pic of that!!!

After much debate, I have finally found my dream quilt!!,default,pd.html

Don't you just LOVE it!?!?! I ordered it on Wednesday and got the shams too!! I can not wait for it to come in!! The Farmer actually likes it too...ok, that's kind of a lie! He sort of grunted and said he liked whatever I liked when I was showing him some of the final options! Just another reason I love that he is color blind!!! I feel like this quilt is not super feminine though...right?!?! I mean, it has lots of blues in it :)

I am going to paint the back wall (with the window) the golden yellow that's is in the quilt ( I have been wanting to paint this wall that color since I moved in, but I kept thinking the bedspread we have now would not look good with it!! I will also paint the picture frames (below) the turquoise color in the quilt!!

I am also gonna try to find some different lamp shades in a yellow our turquoise!! AND I have to find some fabulous curtains!! I think it would look better with white mismatched furniture, but I just can't bear to part with my Pier 1 "rustic" pine bedroom set..I still regret not getting the headboard!!

I want the room too look like it's straight out of Country Living magazine!! I think I need something with chicken wire too!! hehe!! Stay tuned for after pics!! :)


LONG week!!

I has been such a LONG forgive me for the lack of posts! I just have to tell yall about all the other fun stuff we got for Valentines!

My Momma and Daddy sent the traditional popcorn tin from the Popcorn Factory! Such fun colored hearts on this one! Love it and the yummy popcorn!! :)

They also sent us a fun box full of happys!! I got some sweatshirts, a super cute necklace and earring set, a fun little mirror compact, and of course lots of candy!! The Farmer got all sorts of seasonings and mixes from The Louisiana Fish Fry Company
and Tony Chacheres SOO Yummy!!

I made up a Valentines basket for the Farmer that included this....

Now he can clean the toilets in style! hahaha!!

and this fabulous turquoise heated throw (for me) but the gift is no longer hearing me whine about being cold!

This new shirt!! Not the dude, just the shirt! ;)

and the Secretariat DVD!! We LOVED it!! Soo good :)

Hope everybody had a great Valentines week!!!


My Valentine!!

My Valentine came home during lunch and surprised me with flowers (he knows I LOATHE roses..well, red roses! Soo I got Gerbera daisys~Love!!) and {drum roll please} the new cow Pandora charm!!! I have been dying for it!!! Soo cute :)

Ohh and apparently I'm "so lucky" hahaha!!

With the addition of this new charm, I felt the need to photograph my whole bracelet!! Are you dying to know when I got each one??...ok, I'll fill you in! hehe! Let's start from the left...The Snowman: he got me this while we were in Minneapolis at the Mall of America, I picked it out in honor of our first winter as a married couple! Polka dot green Murano glass charm: got it at the same time, "just because!" Cute little pony: I got this one and the Green zig zag Murano glass charm (on the right) sometime last winter..the jewelry store where he normally gets them were having some sort of a deal, so I picked these two out!! The four leaf clover: He got me this one for my Birthday last year (I wanted it since I'm a 4-H leader!) The Pineapple: He got me this one while we were in the Bahamas on our Honeymoon! The pink and green polka dot Murano glass charm, the adorbs pig charm, and the wedding cake charm: He got me these and the bracelet as my wedding present!! I was SOOO surprised!! I kinda thought he was going to get me the bracelet and the pig charm, since I had been telling him all along that I wanted a (real!) baby pig for my wedding gift (ha!), but I had no idea he was going to get me the other two! Thanks to the Jewelry store ladies who talked him into it!! hahaha! The cupcake charm: I got this one while in Omaha with our friends in honor of our 1 year anniversary, since we ate our (old/gross) wedding cupcakes to celebrate! And then the Precious cow charm: Valentines 2011!!! Love my bracelet and Love my Farmer!!

Happy Valentines Day :)


Loot from the Trade Show!!

The trade show was full of yummy western decor..which you all know by now, I ADORE!! Soo I picked up a few things for my red/turquoise living room!!

I couldn't resist this red and turquoise cross candle holder!! I don't know if this is where I will keep it or not..still haven't decided where to put everything :)

This is the amazing table I scored!! Again, not sure what to put on it??? I also kinda wanna paint it turquoise, but I would probably mess it up!!

The tooled leather table top!! LOVE it!!

and these are my new lamps!!!! I am soo in love with them!! They are made out of old wagon, right?!?! My Momma has some old wagon wheels on her front porch decor, so they remind me of home :)

I am gonna get new lampshades for them though...maybe something turquoise and a bit more modern!! stay tuned :)

The hub of the wagon wheel.....they are SOO heavy! I had to carry one of them all the way to where we were parked and somehow got a hole in one of my J.crew tops...NOT COOL!! But, I guess I still love them :)

I think I have just talked the Farmer in to going to Culvers for supper!! I just really want some ice cream!! I know, it's not on the diet but all this warm weather and sunshine just makes you want ice cream!!

This morning we went to our friend's (Amanda and Ryan) church to see their baby boy get baptized, then went to a party in celebration of him!! Soo fun! I will have to get the recipe of some of the sandwiches she had..SOOO good!! I am soo excited to take the baby's pics on Wednesday, he is such a cutie pie...stay tuned!! I still need to edit two other shoots before then...guess I better get to work! I think that ice cream will really get me motivated...hahaha!!!


Black Hills Stock Show!

We had SOO much fun!! I didn't get to see much of the Farmer but we did get to have a fun dinner every night and on Saturday night, since the Simmental show and sale were over, he took me to the rodeo! I was pretty excited about this since I haven't been to a rodeo since moving from Montana...where we pretty much went to a million!!

The other big highlight of the trip included taking a hummer limo down to Deadwood (one of my fave towns!!) and back on Friday evening! Our fiends, Tracey, Lacey, Jared, and Sandra came too! It was soo fun except I got a little limo sick while going up through the winding mountains...but I'd rather be sick in a limo than sick in a car any day :) We had supper at the Deadwood Gulch Resort, then gambled away the $35 they gave us for coming down! I played a little Black Jack without much luck, then the limo took us back to Rapid, fun, fun!!

At the Deadwood Gulch Resort..they were having a cruise night!!!

We also got to catch up with our friends Ashlee and Jason but I didn't get any pics of that :(
I can't wait to go back next year :)

Next up...the fun things I found at the trade show!!