This and That!!

First of all...sorry for the absence, but I have been at my main office this week working on a magazine and am just now getting back to reality! While there, I scored some MAJOR loot!!! Girl Scout Cookies!! I had ordered them from a co-workers little girl in January and have been dreaming of them ever since!! By chance, they happened to come in while I was in the office!! How lucky can one girl be?!?!?! :)

I curbed the urge to rip open every box and give each a try...I knew the Farmer would probably cry if I came home with empty boxes!! I did, however, open up the Lemonades. I had never had these and just couldn't resist! They were super yummy, but even better when I got home, put them in the freezer and ate them cold, per suggestion of Catherine, a fellow photographer/blogger (check out her and her hubby's site amazing!!)

I now realize I should have gotten 3 boxes of each and rationed them out so I could enjoy the deliciousness throughout the year..maybe I will remember this for next time!

While I was away, my quilt and shams came in!! I am in LOVE!!! They are soo fabulous!!
I was so excited to paint, I actually got up early, on a Saturday {gasp!} and went to the Hardware Store to pick out the perfect color! I wanted the bright yellow color in the quilt and found a match called Gold Tiara...magnificent ;)

I got the Farmer to tape off the ceilings and edges, since I was only painting one wall, then I went to town! I finished the wall, then painted the picture frames turquoise, along with painting some "M" wall hangings in the Gold Tiara as well!! All this, while stopping every 30 minutes to do some work on the magazine I mentioned earlier! I am a multi-tasking fool!! :) Now I am washing the sheets I got to match the new bedding (turquoise) then will try to put the room back together! I still have a lot to do until it's completely finished, but this is a great start!!! I will share pics soon!!


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  1. cookie paln sounds good, but didnt work for me; bought 3 of each, but still didn't last a week !