Loot from the Trade Show!!

The trade show was full of yummy western decor..which you all know by now, I ADORE!! Soo I picked up a few things for my red/turquoise living room!!

I couldn't resist this red and turquoise cross candle holder!! I don't know if this is where I will keep it or not..still haven't decided where to put everything :)

This is the amazing table I scored!! Again, not sure what to put on it??? I also kinda wanna paint it turquoise, but I would probably mess it up!!

The tooled leather table top!! LOVE it!!

and these are my new lamps!!!! I am soo in love with them!! They are made out of old wagon wheels...cool, right?!?! My Momma has some old wagon wheels on her front porch decor, so they remind me of home :)

I am gonna get new lampshades for them though...maybe something turquoise and a bit more modern!! stay tuned :)

The hub of the wagon wheel.....they are SOO heavy! I had to carry one of them all the way to where we were parked and somehow got a hole in one of my J.crew tops...NOT COOL!! But, I guess I still love them :)

I think I have just talked the Farmer in to going to Culvers for supper!! I just really want some ice cream!! I know, it's not on the diet but all this warm weather and sunshine just makes you want ice cream!!

This morning we went to our friend's (Amanda and Ryan) church to see their baby boy get baptized, then went to a party in celebration of him!! Soo fun! I will have to get the recipe of some of the sandwiches she had..SOOO good!! I am soo excited to take the baby's pics on Wednesday, he is such a cutie pie...stay tuned!! I still need to edit two other shoots before then...guess I better get to work! I think that ice cream will really get me motivated...hahaha!!!



  1. You scored some great finds! I bet you could totally paint that table. Practice on a few scraps of wood, or maybe try and go for a more rustic word out effect were some natural wood is shown and color.

  2. Cute stuff! I think you could probably paint the table - it would look really great in turquoise :-)