happy day!!

I just got an email notification from Amazon that this was on the way.....


I am SOOO beyond excited!! Wish I could make it to one of her book signings like I did for her cookbook...
but the closest location is Denver..normally I would start harassing The Farmer until he said I could go, but I am already planning a trip to Branson, MO in March with my Fam, a Yellowstone trip with my Daddy in May, going home to Mississippi to see my niece's horse shows in June, and a July trip with my Farmer to Glacier National Park (passing through Hilger, MT to see one of my Besties {Mariah} and most importantly her baby..due in June!!) ...soo I figured I should probably not push it! hehe!!

I suppose I will just have to live with reading the much awaited book, sans autograph :)


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