A Visit to the Shammel Ranch!

On the way up to Malta, MT for Lacey and Jared's wedding, we stopped by Hilger to see Mariah and Lyle's Ranch!

Mariah and I interned together for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) while we were still in college. She told me all about Montana, the mountains, and most importantly the cowboys...I was sold, so when I heard about the job opening with the Montana Beef Council, this southern girl jumped at the opportunity to experience the adventure and romance of the wild west!! I guess I don't have to tell yall that I didn't end up with a Montana cowboy, but I did make some amazing life long friends, which is better than any cowboy, in my book :)

Mariah was a regional manager for the MT Farm Bureau Federation...working with farmers and ranchers in the eastern part of the state, while I worked for the Beef Council/ MT Stockgrowers Association in Helena, so we got to spend a ton of time together on the trade show circuit, conventions, conferences, and workshops!! Ohh the memories!! She got married a little over a month after me and I haven't been back to MT since then, so we had to make a stop by their ranch!! You just have to check out her blog!!

They live in the most beautiful spot..to bad it was cold and rainy, so we stayed inside most of the time and ate yummy food, gossiped/caught up, then ate some more!! We had such a great time and are looking forward to seeing them again..hopefully sooner than later!!

I managed to get a few shots of their place...these pictures don't do it justice!!



  1. thanks for the link to Mariah's web page. She has some great pics & info on planting time !!

  2. Those mountains are so pretty - what a great view!