A Blast From The Past!!

Visiting Mariah got me all nostalgic thinking about the fun single girl days in Montana, so I decided to share some pics!! I was soo lucky to have made such great friends so quickly, since she was the only person I knew when I moved there. Sometimes I think how crazy it was for me to just up and move 2,000 miles away from everything I had ever known, but at the time I don't even think I thought twice about it and I'm soo glad I didn't! I wouldn't trade my time there for anything in the world!!! The Farmer also loves Montana, so it is nice to get to travel to a place we both enjoy, pretty soon all my friends will be married and we wont have a mandatory reason to visit! They will just have to start having babies I guess!....if it wasn't so miserably cold in the winter I might would even beg the Farmer to retire there, instead I think I will stick to my plan of Texas by 2040!! hehe!

Along with Mariah, you will see Raylee, Lynmarie, Rose, Nicole, Joylynn, Ashley, Heidi and Raemarie! I miss them all soo much and all the fun times we had! Raylee worked for MT FFA, Lynmarie worked for the MT Graingrowers, Nicole worked for Farm Bureau, Joylynn was an Ag Teacher, Rose and Raemarie worked for the with me, Heidi worked for the MT Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, and Ashley worked for the MT Beef Network...together we covered all the sectors of the Ag Industry, with style and class...most of the time!! You will also see Tracey in some of the pics..while she didn't live in MT, she drove the Beef Mobile and got to come see us every now and then! These pics are all just in random order...

PRCA Circuit Finals in Great Falls

At the best Mexican place in Billings...during the MATE (MT Ag Trade Expo)

Choteau Rodeo!

YALC (Young Ag Leadership Conference) in Big Sky, MT

Mariah showing me how to shovel my porch! haha!

FFA booth at the MATE

YALC in Red Lodge!

Ag Appreciation Day at MT State University....I learned later that they don't dress up to tail gate!!

YALC in Great Falls!

Stckgrwrs booth at the MATE

I have no clue where this was!?

Calgary Stampede!!

Deadwood with Mariah!

My Cocktails and Carving Halloween Party!!

At the Black Hills Stockshow in Rapid City!

tailgating! Dressed appropriately and doing the Bobcat claw!!

The NILE! Northern International Livestock Expo

The Northern Rodeo Association Finals!

My Fiesta Navidad Christmas Party

NCBA Convention in Nashville

Governors Range Tour

Another Ag Appreciation Day..

Stckgrowers Convention in Billings

Mid-Year Meeting in Lewistown, MT

My birthday!!

Ashley's Bachelorette Party!

Ashley's Big Day in Sheridan, WY!!

Raylee's Buck Wild Bachelorette Party!

Raylee's Big Day in Red Lodge, MT!

Visiting Raylee in Indianapolis!

Nicole's Big Day in Miles City, MT!!

Nicole's Wedding Dance!

All the MT gals at my bridal brunch!!

After my Rehearsal!

All the MT girls on my big day!!

Mariah's Rehearsal Dinner!

Mariah's Big Day!!

It is soo crazy to think how different everything is now and how quickly it all happened!! Next up is Heidi's wedding at the end of August! The Farmer and I will be going to Helena, MT for the shindig and I will be photographing the event! Afterwards, we are heading to Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming for a few days for our anniversary!!! Soo excited!!



  1. HM-
    Talk about a blast from the past! Oh the memories...TM

  2. I love all of these photos!!!! - Raylee