Etsy love!!!

I am super busy with work, but I just had to stop and show you what just arrived at my door!!

It's all from Monkey See Boutique on

I have been searching for fun personalized vinyl lettering "stuff" to give as gifts for awhile, and finally found this amazing site! Michelle was great and pretty much will do whatever you need!! This is my new go-to store for personalized gifts...yes I am from the South and we like our names on everything!! :) I also really like the idea of a bucket/tray/bin used as a "basket" for more smaller gifts, then just use a clear plastic basket bag and a curling ribbon bow for "wrapping"'s all about the presentation! I will show you the finished products for these gifts later, just in case any of the recipients happen to read this post, I have to maintain some element of surprise! Stay tuned for the final product and the fun goodies I put in each of them!! :)