Best Cake Ever!

Otherwise known as Texas Sheet Cake, or Chocolate Sheet Cake!! This is soo just have to try it!!! My Momma has this recipe too, but I just used the one out of my Pioneer Woman Cookbook, so that way I wouldn't have to take a million pics and re-write the whole recipe...just check out this link!
I know...I'm lazy, but I'm ok with it :)

This cake always reminds me of my nephew,'s his fave!! It also reminds me of my Ma (my Momma's Momma). She always made this particular time, that I will never forget, happened to be when I was visiting her (she lived in Louisiana) and my cousin Katie (who also lives in Louisiana) was over at her house too. Ma had just finished the cake and it was cooling on the counter, Katie and I decided it was kind of boring with no flowers or decoration on it, so we pulled chairs up to the counter and proceeded to write our names in the cake using our fingers!! When Ma saw what we had done she just laughed and still served it!! After all, we were her little angels that could do no wrong!! :)

Here are the pics of my finished product!! Its smells soo good and of course the Farmer loves it!!


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  1. looks delish. brought to mind the strawberry cakes you used to make