Knee High By The 4th of July!!!!

The Farmer kept telling me that the "baby" would be doing good if it was knee high by the 4th of July. Last night we decided to go check on the progress, and as my treat for "farming," we got ice cream from the Drive In! Have I ever told yall how much I love ice cream?!!? Anyway....I was so surprised to see that the baby was actually higher than knee high!! And it all just started with a little seed!

Even though we weren't in our "farming" clothes, I made the Farmer stand in the middle, so I could make sure it was the right height. This isn't even an accurate representation, since the Farmer is exceptionally tall!! Grow baby grow!! :)


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  1. WOW !!! Look at that baby grow !! I'm glad I didn't send you a picture of mine.