Look Who's Rolling Over!!

Please excuse his way too big clothes but it's a million degrees here and all his summer clothes are still big on him...I'm sure it will not take him long to outgrow them!!!

New Nursery Decor!

The other day the Farmer's sister and I went antique shopping! I found some really great treasures for Merritt's nursery. These vintage kids cowboy books (below)! They are super cool and look so great in his room. My Daddy adores old Westerns and Gene Autry is one of his faves, so I thought it was fitting that his name sake have some Gene Autry books! Now since these are vintage, I didn't just want them on his book shelf...I wanted them displayed and out of his reach! :) I thought and thought about how to incorporate them in his decor, then it came to me in a dream..seriously...not even kidding! An old window pane!! Perfect for displaying front facing thin books and for a few other fun things! Luckily my Momma had given be a couple window panes from back home, so I had some on hand! I hung it up, added the books and some "M's." I modpodged one of his birth announcements on a flat canvas and put it up too, along with a canvas print of him in his cowboy hat! I just loved the way it turned out :)

Got this plate on zulily for a steal...but you can get one from Lima Bean Kids (they have really cute stuff!)

Canvas from Easy Canvas Prints. They do an amazing job and are very reasonably priced!

I found this at the antique store too. It's an old western coloring book! I think I need something else on this side of the wall to balance it out, but this will have to do for now :)

Happy Trails!


Soo big!!

My 3 month old is sitting up!! Hehe..ok maybe not really, but he can sit up for like 5 seconds at a time :) Told yall he was strong!!!


Easter Basket!

He loved his basket full of goodies!!

Mostly books...I love books! The bunny, blocks, and Bright Starts Having a Ball Cluck and Learn Barn are from Toys R Us!

No candy, but he did get some apple puffs! ;)

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! Can't help but remember what the Easter Bunny got us last year...http://thefarmerandthesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-forgot-to-show-yall.html
We have been so blessed with our sweet little Peep! God is so Great!! :)


Cowboy Merritt!


Merritt 3 months!

This is a little late, but we've been busy bees!! The babe is growing like a weed! He holds his head up very well and loves to stand up when you hold him! He is really strong :) He loves to laugh, smile and coo! Bath time is one of his faves and he just learned to splash! He also still likes his activity gym, swing (for naps), and his bouncy seat. He enjoys his exersaucer, jumparoo, and bumbo seat but just for short periods of time! At his 2 month appointment he was just over 14 pounds!! Safe to say he is a BIG boy :) He is wearing mostly 6-9 or 9 month clothes. His new favorite toy is his blanket horse..it's like a stuffed animal horse with a blanket for it's body. He likes to snuggle with it and chew on it :) He is sleeping from about 9:00pm to 7:00am on most nights, which we very much appreciate! We just adore our sweet little boy and love to watch him grow and change everyday!

check out all his videos on you tube :)


Easter Happenings!

Hunting for Easter Eggs at the farm!


I just adore his Easter basket! :)

Mommy's Little Bunny!! :)

Isn't his Easter outfit the cutest thing ever!! Tractors and Easter...perfect!! ;)

And this is his Easter card!!! Too adorable for words!! :)


Recent Snap Shots!

Mommy's little guy!

We love our boots!

Photographer in Training :)

I made this outfit!! Are you impressed? You should be!!! ha!